Which One of Caitlyn Jenner’s Kids Thought the “Vanity Fair” Cover Was Too Risky?

By on August 23, 2015
Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair

Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair

When it was revealed that we would be meeting Bruce Jenner’s female side in “Vanity Fair,” a lot of tongues were wagging. Would she look like a woman? Would she be sexy? What would she be wearing? What would her name be? A lot of “what’s” were going on and then the issue came out and she looked gorgeous as Caitlyn with her new, curvaceous figure. As we saw on her docu-series “I Am Cait,” many of her kids loved the cover, including rarely seen step-son Rob Kardashian. The biggest controversy was what was inside as the kids felt that mother and Jenner’s third wife, Kris, was painted in a bad light. Kim and Khloe took issue with some of the words that were said in the interview but very little was said about how scantily clad Caitlyn was; they just thought she looked beautiful.

I think everyone was shocked as to how well Caitlyn fit in to her feminine skin and it seemed like this was who she was meant to be all along. But apparently, not all of Cait’s ten children (six biological, four by marriage) thought that the cover was appropriate. On tonight’s episode of “I Am Cait,” Caitlyn heads to New York for Pride as well as meets up with Kourtney Kardashian’s ex, Scott Disick. But the subject of which family members thought the cover was “too sexy” also comes up. While talking to fellow trans friend, Candis, Caitlyn says this: “A couple of the kids thought that the Vanity Fair was a little too sexy. It’s the guys [Brody, Brandon and Burt]. I don’t think they get kind of the girl thing.” She went on to add: “I want to respect my kids.”

Candis Cayne understands where she is coming from but by the same token, she has to remind Cait of her own inner struggles that have gone on for too long. “But Cait, you have been repressing your inner woman for so many years.” As for respecting her kids, Candis goes on to say: “And you want them to respect you too, which is super important. But you’ve been living the past 40 years taking care of them and not taking care of yourself.” Find out what happens when “I Am Cait” airs tonight on E! at 8p.m. EST.

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