Gainesville Recap 8/20/15- Series Premiere- My Eyes Are Open; Don’t Talk About It, Be About It

By on August 20, 2015
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“Gainesville” is looking to be the new hit show for CMT and we have had some great country news as Kelly Clarkson announced that she was pregnant with her second child. Tonight, there will be back-to-back episodes of the new reality show where friends are more like the family that you always wanted.

Meet Brian...

Meet Brian…

This is a little bit like “Jersey Shore” but maybe a little calmer; we shall find out in time. Seven people are picked to live in a house, “The Real World” style and they will co-exist and help each other through the trials and tribulations of life. They are all intertwined somehow so this should be exciting! Let’s meet the cast of the docu-series:

  • Andreya: she is in love with roomie Brian…well, that is what she will be trying to figure out throughout this series. She does not want to see him dating anyone else but is not sure if he is boyfriend material and wishes that he had more motivation.
  • Brian: he and Andreya have been broken up for several years now because he feels like a kid in an adult’s body. At this point, he is very eager to show his ex that he can be the man that she wants him to be. But can he?
  • Austin: he is the sweetheart who has firm faith and will be there whenever you need him. His brother Sebastian especially relies on him for a lot.
  • Beth: this beauty works at a bar to make ends meet and help her family but she wants to actually go out, get an education, get married and have children. Fortunately, she just got admitted to college, the only one of her friends to do so, which is amazing so all she needs is to find the right man and she will have it made.
  • Kenny: he and Brian have a bromance but he is far more serious in life as he is a firefighter. He and Beth have been battling an attraction and he might just be the man that turns her world around.
  • Kerryn: much like Austin, she is very “faith-based” but searching for the right person to steal her heart.
  • Shelby: she happens to be Brian’s little sister but is still very close with his ex Andreya and seems to be the one who actually uses her brain in situations, despite being the youngest in the house.

Okay, so I am excited to meet these characters. On the premiere,¬†Aalook at a group of friends in Gainesville, Fla., as they transition into adulthood. For starters, Andreya must decide whether to get back together with Brian, while Kerryn’s relationship troubles leave her homeless. At the same time, Beth’s dream to attend college is in jeopardy when she can’t pay her tuition.

Keep reading to see of they can find resolution.

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