General Hospital Recap for August 3 – August 7, 2015

By on August 8, 2015

This week on General Hospital news of Silas’ death hits the community; Sonny sends a warning to the other mob families; and Hayden has lost her memory.

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Frantic Franco searches Port Charles for Nina and eventually finds her—standing over Silas’ lifeless body holding a bloody knife! Nina stammers that she found the knife in his back and instinctively grabbed it, hoping to help him. Franco says nobody can help Silas now. He gently but firmly reminds Nina that no one can know that she knows about Silas taking Avery to help Ava. Franco kisses her and he convinces Nina to return to Shadybrook. Later Franco returns to clean up the mess, as Kiki returns home. She sees Franco outside of the door. Was he there to see her? Franco nods and tries to deter Kiki from entering. He suggests they head to Kelly’s, but Kiki opens her door to drop off her stuff. She screams over the top bloody murder upon seeing Silas on the floor. Kiki immediately calls the police. When Franco tries to dissuade her, she realizes he knew her father was dead and thinks he had something to do with it.

Meanwhile Denise, aka Ava, paces in the Jerome penthouse watching the news. Julian comes home and sees how nervous Denise seems to be. Before Denise can say anything, Alexis arrives. She assures Julian that she believes he is no longer in the mob.

Sonny bumps into Morgan at the Metro Court. Morgan confesses that Silas caught him and Denise together. When Sonny advises Morgan to tell Kiki before someone else can, Morgan shakes his head. He doesn’t think that is necessary. Hm…

Upstairs Nathan arrives at Ric and Nina’s suite with a warrant for Avery’s blanket. Ric explains it’s not really Avery’s blanket; he suspects that Nina had it made because Nina is going cuckcoo. In fact, she checked herself into Shadybrook! Furious Nathan accuses Ric of trying to get Nina’s money and heads to Shadybrook to talk to Nina, only to find her room empty. Meanwhile Ric updates Madeline; he says that Nathan is onto them.

At General Hospital Patrick tells Sam and Jake that Hayden is waking up. They all march into her room where Hayden is disoriented. She doesn’t remember being shot, let along the secret that Jake is actually Jason. Sam berates her, but Jake asks her to back off. He emphasizes with Hayden because he too woke up in the hospital with no memory of how he got there. Luckily Patrick asks them to leave (we wonder why he allowed them in the room in the first place). Outside in the hall Sam insists that Hayden is lying but Jake thinks she really doesn’t remember.

At Elizabeth’s house Laura reveals that she knows Jake is Jason—and that Nikolas and Elizabeth have been keeping this secret for months. Elizabeth implores her to keep the secret. Laura reluctantly agrees, but says she needs to leave town for a bit. Maybe she will go visit Lucky. After Laura leaves, Elizabeth almost has a meltdown, but Nikolas assures her that his mother will not say anything.

Valerie and Dillon are on their date at the Floating Rib, shooting pool. They seem to be having a nice time until Dante and Lulu show up. Instead of turning around and going to another bar, they end up joining Valerie and Dillon. Awkward! Dante gets called away, leaving Dillon to make small talk. He mentions how hard it must be for Lulu not to know where Dante is. Valerie snips that Dante felt that way when Lulu was off with Dillon in Canada. It’s safe to say Dillon and Valerie’s date ended pretty soon after that.

At Shadybrook Nathan waits for Nina, who seems very nervous. Nathan thinks someone is trying to frame her for Avery’s kidnapping. Nina wants to tell him that Silas did it, but keeps quiet. Nathan then gets a call about Silas’ murder and meets up with Dante. They burst into Silas’ apartment where they find Kiki waiting with Franco. They find the murder weapon—the knife—in Franco’s bag and arrest him as Kiki cries hysterically.

Back at the Jerome penthouse Denise continues to watch the news. Carly arrives to confront her about sleeping with Morgan. Denise argues that Morgan is a grown man who wouldn’t like his mom butting into his business.

After learning that Brad is married, Lucas moved out of Brad’s place and back into Carly’s. He tells Morgan about his troubles when Morgan returns home and mentions Carly’s engagement to Sonny. Morgan is surprised to hear about his parents getting remarried. Later when Carly returns home, she sees Morgan watching the news about Silas’ death on TV.

At General Hospital Brad confides in Felix that Lucas moved out. Felix encourages Brad to tell Lucas everything, but Brad thinks it’s hopeless.

The next morning Sonny calls a meeting at Ryan’s, which is weird because he hates Delia but maybe she gave him a lunch special or something. Sonny has summoned the five major crime families on the Eastern Seaboard to determine who attacked his holdings. A man named Serge says he bought sonny’s stolen goods, but he swears he got it from a middle man. Sonny swiftly executes the guy to demonstrate what happens when anyone breaks their truce. Ms. Wu from the Wu crime family defends Sonny’s actions to the others when they begin to protest Sonny’s display of power.

Back in Port Charles Sam and Patrick’s evening at home is interrupted by news of Silas’ death on TV. Sam is brokenhearted as she credits Silas for helping her put her life back together and helping her move on from Jason. Patrick gets a little jealous, but Sam reminds him that if it weren’t for Silas, she wouldn’t have had the courage to be with him.

Denise, aka Ava, is also watching the news about Silas’ death. She too is brokenhearted as Silas saved her life. Julian comes home and fixes her a drink. Julian wonders why Denise is so upset seeing as she doesn’t really know Silas. Denise covers, saying she is upset for Kiki’s sake. Later Denise sees Silas’ ghost. She tells him how sorry she is and that she really did love him once.

At Carly’s house Carly and Morgan watch the news report on Silas’ death. Morgan tries to call Kiki, but she doesn’t answer the phone. Carly lectures Morgan, saying he should stop fooling around with Denise and focus on Kiki, who will need him more than ever right now.

At PCPD Jordan interrogates Franco, who is looking extremely guilty. Kiki tells Dante why she suspects Franco killed her father. Later when Franco is brought him, he tries to tell Kiki that this is all a huge misunderstanding. Furious Kiki slaps Franco and vows to make him pay for what he has done.

At Shadybrook Madeline checks in on Nina, but really she is there to terrorize her. Nina insists she did not kidnap Avery, but Franco knows who did and didn’t tell her. She tries to take Madeline’s phone to call Franco, but a guard stops her. Madeline threatens to have Nina stay there longer than necessary and leaves.

The next day Jake and Elizabeth discuss Hayden’s awakening. Jake says that the only thing Hayden remembers is being his wife. When Jake returns to the kitchen for more coffee, Elizabeth furtively calls Nikolas in a panic. Later they meet at Kelly’s where Nikolas assures Elizabeth that Hayden won’t remember that Jake is Jason. He will handle it. Elizabeth gives Nikolas a look; did he have anything to do with Hayden’s shooting? Nikolas skirts the question. Maybe he did. Maybe he didn’t. He ends up claiming he ordered Hayden’s death for their sakes. Elizabeth thinks he went too far and feels the best thing they can do now is prepare for the worst.

Back at GH Sam bursts into Hayden’s room and accuses her of lying. Hayden is flustered and asks Sam to leave. Patrick pulls Sam out of the room as Jake arrives. Sam insists that Hayden is lying; she knows who Jake really is! She explains to Patrick that there is a connection between Hayden and Nikolas and they are all hiding something. She is extra emotional because of Silas’ death. Jake rejoins them after talking to Hayden and learning that she doesn’t remember Nikolas either. Sam reiterates that Hayden must be lying and they can’t tell Elizabeth because she will side with Nikolas. Jake doesn’t want to keep things from Elizabeth, but he does want to learn who he is—that is, if Hayden and Nikolas really know. Later Nikolas manages to sneak into Hayden’s room.

Kiki shows up at Carly’s where she sobs on Morgan’s shoulder. She tells him that Franco probably did it, even though Franco claims he is innocent. Meanwhile at the PCPD Franco asks to make a phone call. He ends up calling Dr. Obrecht. He asks her to examine a hang nail to evoke patient confidentiality and tells her that he found Nina standing over Silas’ body. Dr. O assumes Nina murdered Silas, but Franco realizes something. Ava must’ve done it! He explains why he thinks so, including the fact that Denise is actually Ava. Dr. O goes to talk to Nathan to convince him to listen to Franco.

Nina calls Ric and asks him to come see her. She wants to tell him that Silas took Avery, not her, but before she can, Nathan arrives to announce that Franco has been arrested. Nina asks Ric to be Franco’s lawyer, but he refuses.

Morgan visits Denise at the penthouse where he warns her that Dante may come to question her. Denise says he already has, but he doesn’t suspect them. Morgan hates how much Kiki is hurting and announces that they can’t see each other anymore. Denise weeps, Morgan kisses her one last time and leaves. Alone Denise dries her tears and vows to take care of Franco next. Later she heads to the PCPD where she manages to sneak into the interrogation room. Franco quickly accuses her of killing Silas. He warns her that he is going to expose her. Denise snarls that if he does that, he will get Nina in a load of trouble.

Sonny comes home to find Carly playing with Avery. They talk about Morgan and his affair with Denise. Sonny suspects Morgan may have something to do with Silas’ death since Silas is the one who caught him with Denise. Pained Carly agrees as she reviews all of Morgan’s bad decisions and behavior over the last couple of years. So when Morgan arrives, his parents jump on him. Did he kill Silas?

What do you think, GH fans? Why was Nina standing over Silas’ body? What does Morgan and Ava know about Silas’ death? Are you sorry to see Silas go?

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