General Hospital Recap for August 10 to August 14, 2015

By on August 15, 2015
'general hospital'

This week on General Hospital.…Elizabeth accepts Jake’s proposal, Lucas meets the person Brad married, and Silas returns from the grave.

'general hospital'

At Sonny’s house Sonny and Carly play good cop and bad cop with Morgan: Did he kill Silas? Morgan is offended, but he doesn’t deny it either. Sonny urges Morgan to confess so he can make this all go away. Morgan storms out and returns home to Carly’s house where Kiki has just woken up from a nightmare of Silas covered in blood. Kiki confesses that she can’t quite believe in her heart that Franco killed her father even though all the evidence points to him.

Nathan heads to Shadybrook to see Nina on the advice of his mother, Dr. Obrecht. He says that Franco thinks he knows who Silas’ real murderer is. Nina doesn’t say anything, except for him to talk to Franco. Alone Nina reiterates her belief in Franco and in herself.

At the PCPD Ava, dressed as Denise, sneaks into the interrogation room to threaten Franco. She reveals that she has a photo of Nina standing over Silas’ lifeless body. Franco practically shrieks; this totally proves that she killed Silas! Ava shakes her head. No, this will only incriminate Nina. If Franco wants to save Nina, he will find the recording that proves Ava killed Connie and give it to her. That way, she can shed the Denise persona and be Ava again!

Scotty strides into Jordan’s office to demand she release Franco. Jordan smirks when the mayor arrives to order Jordan to keep Franco in custody no matter what. The mayor orders Scotty to prosecute Franco. Scotty balks and threatens to destroy the mayor, who doesn’t take him seriously.

At General Hospital Jake admits to Elizabeth that he and Sam are investigating Nikolas because they suspect he knows Jake’s true identity. When Elizabeth doesn’t freak out, and seems super understanding, Jake becomes overwhelmed. He blurts out a marriage proposal: Will she marry him? Overwhelmed, Elizabeth runs to the chapel where she bumps into Sam. Sam explains she told Kiki she would help her arrange a memorial for Silas. When Elizabeth reveals that Jake proposed, but she can’t accept because of a lie, Sam urges her to let go of the past and grab onto whatever makes her happy. That is exactly what Elizabeth needs to hear to alleviate her guilt, so she returns to Jake and accepts his proposal. Meanwhile Jake bumps into Patrick, who tells him that Sam and Elizabeth have a rather complicated history of wanting the same guy, mainly Jason!

Nikolas sneaks into Hayden’s room. Hayden claims she knows who he is because Jake told her. Nikolas explains how they had an on-again and off-again affair; he often wonders what would have happened with them and feels this could be their second chance. Will she move in with him? Hayden is skeptical, but eventually agrees.

Dante finds Lulu crying while sitting on the couch. She holds up Dillon’s revised script; it’s about a couple torn apart from lies and an affair. It obviously a hit a nerve with her. As Dante looks guilty, Lulu insists she is trying to forgive him. They profess their love for each other and make love.

Meanwhile Jordan has a super disapproving look on her face when Valerie tells her that she is dating Dillon. Jordan thinks that will make things super awkward for Valerie, but Valerie stubbornly believes that dating Dillon will help her move on.

At the Quartermaine mansion Paul approaches Dillon with an offer. He wants to help finance Dillon’s movie. Dillon thinks his dad is trying to buy his love. Paul says that may be part of it, but he also believes it’s a good script. Hm, what happened to Nikolas’ producing venture? Paul asks Dillon if he is over the woman in the story. Dillon assures his dad that he is. Later Dillon looks at a photo of Lulu, but calls Valerie asking to meet up.

The next day Carly and Sonny are discussing Silas’ memorial and how they think it would upset Morgan if they showed up. TJ enters and listens as they also talk about their impending wedding at the house. TJ offers to stay out of their way, but Sonny warmly insists he attend. After all, he is family now! Jordan enters, mighty displeased to hear this. She wonders why Sonny invited her to breakfast. Sonny hands her an envelope with evidence that his own investigators pulled together on who could have been behind the attack on his warehouse. He arrogantly waits for Jordan to thank him. Instead Jordan tries to get TJ to leave with her, TJ coldly informs her that he is happy living with Sonny—almost as happy as when he lived with Shawn. Ouch!

Julian and Alexis find a breakfast basket featuring croissants, bagels, and Corinthos Coffee on their doorstep. As Alexis eagerly dives into the goodies, Julian reads the note: a little something from Sonny along with today’s headlines. The paper features a photo of a dead member of a rival crime family. Subtle. Later Jordan calls Julian and Alexis to the station where she shows him the contents of the envelope she got from Sonny. It’s photos of former Jerome associates. She warns him that if he is still involved in the mob business, it’s only a matter of time before he will get caught.

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