General Hospital Recap for August 17 to August 24, 2015

By on August 22, 2015
'general hospital recaps'

This week on General Hospital: Olivia returns to town with a big secret; Elizabeth imagines her doomed future with Jake; and Scotty drops a major bomb at Franco’s trial.

'general hospital recaps'

At Elizabeth’s house Elizabeth trembles with fear and happiness as she accepts a ring from Jake. While Jake heads upstairs to check on the boys, Elizabeth fields a call from Nikolas, who says that he has brought Hayden home to keep an eye on her. Elizabeth breaks Jake’s confidence to warn Nikolas that Jake and Sam are investigating him, which Nikolas already suspected. Nikolas assures Elizabeth that Hayden won’t regain her memory, but Elizabeth fears that Nikolas will hurt her if she does. Later Elizabeth tearfully tells Jake that Nikolas already knows that he and Sam are investigating him. She swears that Nikolas doesn’t know who Jake really is because he wouldn’t want her and her sons to get attached and be devastated should Jake leave. Jake assures Elizabeth that nothing in his past will make him stop loving her.

Hayden looks around Wyndemere and has a memory flash of smashing a vase on the ground. She asks Nikolas about it. Nikolas says that Hayden was jealous that Elizabeth was there. Hayden asks if Nikolas had strong feelings for her. Nikolas stammers, saying that he did. He attempts to kiss Hayden, but then pulls back pretending to be a gentleman.

Jordan arrives at Sonny’s place to accuse him of playing her. She wonders if Sonny had the men who hijacked his shipments killed, but Sonny denies it. She then claims Sonny has the upper hand on her because TJ is living with him. Sonny insists that he has been urging TJ to make peace with his mother and that he is only looking out for TJ because of Shawn’s request.

Dante and Lulu open their door to Olivia, who reports that baby Leo is fine. She asks if Julian is truly legit now, because if he is, she can bring baby Leo back to Port Charles. Dante isn’t sure, so Olivia heads to Julian’s place to talk to him. Meanwhile Julian opens up to Alexis about how much he misses his baby and how much he would have loved being a father to him since he missed out on Sam and Lucas’ childhoods.

At General Hospital Brad and Rosalie explain they met in college, became best friends, and got married because Brad wasn’t out to his adoptive parents. Lucas doesn’t believe their lame story and insists they tell him the truth. Brad finally admits he and Rosalie must stay married so they can’t testify against each other in court. Lucas demands to know what happened, but both Brad and Rosalie say that if they told him, then he would be legally bound to report it. And knowing could put him in jeopardy. Hm, is this the big secret that Nina has over Rosalie?

At Carly’s place Maxie and Carly are going over wedding stuff when Valerie walks in. Apparently Carly spends so much time at Sonny’s that she had no idea that Valerie moved in. Embarrassed Valerie explains that Bobbie gave Valerie permission. Carly tosses her hair and waves her hand. It’s all good! After she leaves, Valerie and Maxie end up talking about Valerie’s mom and Georgie. They bond over losing loved ones too soon and decide to call a truce. Actually, they might just be friends! They think Lulu would like that, but we are pretty sure that’s quite the opposite.

Lulu is apologetic when she opens the door to Dillon. She totally forgot about their appointment to review location contracts! After signing the paperwork, Lulu gives Dillon the 411 on the whole Maxie almost giving them Georgie but in the end they ended up with Rocco story. Dillon proclaims that he doesn’t want children, but Lulu thinks he would be a great dad. She practically pushes him to get Valerie pregnant, which of course leads us to wonder if Valerie is already pregnant with Dante’s little spawn.

TJ returns home where Sonny tells him about Jordan’s visit. TJ gets angry until Sonny urges him to make peace with his mother; he may regret it. Sonny shares that he was once estranged from his son and how he lost his mother and misses her every day. So TJ heads to the police station where he tells Jordan how proud he is of her for her work with the police, but he is still angry at how she tricked both him and Shawn. Jordan asks TJ to move back home with her, but TJ says not yet. He does give her a hug though.

Nathan brings in the missing guy, Charlie, who may be responsible for Sonny’s stolen shipments. After some interrogation from Dante and Jordan, Charlie names his employer: Julian! Meanwhile Olivia arrives at the Jerome penthouse to tell him that their son Leo is alive, but they are interrupted by Dante and Nathan who are there to arrest Julian! Alexis suspects that Olivia has more to say about the baby, but Olivia leaves.

At the courthouse Julian gets out on bail, thanks to Alexis’s masterful maneuvering. Sonny is disgusted. What good is it having the DA as his brother? However Ric has bigger fish to fry, namely Franco. During Franco’s trial, Ric calls Kiki to the stand, where she testifies to seeing Franco outside of Silas’ apartment. Then he calls the secretary to the stand, who testifies she overheard Silas and Franco arguing about Nina. Scotty tries to debunk the woman by proving she is hard of hearing. But when Morgan is called to the stand, Scotty begins to worry. Ric quickly establishes that Franco threatened Morgan with a knife, the exact knife that was used to kill Silas! Scotty groans, convinced that this means the end of Franco, but Franco is disgusted that Morgan lied on the stand about why Franco was threatening them. Why doesn’t Franco tell Kiki about Morgan’s affair? Scotty then runs out, promising he has something that will help.

Carly comes home to Sonny where she once again frets over Morgan. She wonders if he could be bi-polar like Sonny. Maybe he did hurt Silas. They need to find out! Carly wants Morgan diagnosed as soon as possible. Michael arrives and politely declines to attend their wedding in two weeks. After Sonny leaves, Carly becomes suspicious when Michael mentions that he saw Morgan upset at the Metro Court bar on the night of Silas’ death.

Olivia frets to Dante that she was right to keep Leo away from Julian. Dante hates the idea of Olivia and Leo being away from him and Lulu, but he will support his mom in whatever she decides.

Dr. O pays Ava a visit where she lets her know that she knows she is really Ava. Ava reminds Dr. O that she could incriminate Nina, which would upset Franco. If Dr. O really wants to help, she needs to get that recording! Julian returns home and sees the two talking. After Dr. O leaves, he urges Denise to talk to him. Ava takes a deep breath and reveals that she is Ava in disguise. Julian can’t believe it. Ava explains that she needs one of Julian’s men to steal her recording from the DA’s office. Julian reminds Ava that he is out of the mob, but Ava doesn’t believe him. She promises that together they could rule Port Charles, which is mighty tempting to Julian. Their conversation is interrupted by a summons. It seems that Scotty wants Denise on the witness stand at Franco’s trial!

Molly is bothered when she sees that TJ is super comfortable living at Sonny’s. He loves the pool, the sauna, and the hot tub. Loves the gourmet meals and the body guards. Molly warns him that everyone Sonny loves end up hurt, which Sonny overhears. This gives Sonny pause, as he wonders if Molly has a point.

At Shadybrook Nina confides in her comatose friend Heidi that she is super worried that Franco is going to fry for a crime that neither one of them committed. She knows Franco is protecting her, so she decides to go to the courthouse to support him. However, Madeline’s arrival stops her. Madeline wants Nina to sign some documents that will give Ric and herself full control of Nina’s finances. Nina refuses to sign, citing that she needs to read them first. Thatta girl, Nina! Later Nathan stops by and Nina shows him the papers. Nathan takes them, saying Nina shouldn’t sign them. Nina reveals that it was Silas who kidnapped Avery, but she can’t tell him anything more. She insists that Franco didn’t kill Silas.

Madeline heads to the Metro Court where she ends up bonding with Carly over mentally ill children. Carly is convinced more than ever that Morgan could be bi-polar—and possibly hurt Silas. Meanwhile Michael is with Sabrina at the Q mansion where he confides that Carly suspects Morgan could be bi-polar. Sabrina helpfully describes the symptoms, to which Michael nods, thinking that Morgan fits the bill.

Olivia visits Sonny where she asks him if he thinks Julian truly went legit. Sonny doesn’t believe it. All he knows is that no one is going to mess with Avery. Olivia’s face darkens and she says Julian won’t mess with her kid either. Sonny gives her a look. Does she mean Dante—or someone else?

Denise saunters into the courtroom. She hisses to Franco that she will release the photo of Nina over Silas’ body if she gets into trouble. Franco swears that he had no idea his dad was going to summon her. Once on the stand, Scotty deftly establishes that Denise is not Ava’s twin—but the same person! And he has the DNA test to prove it!

What do you think, GH fans? How did Scotty figure out that Denise is Ava? Do you think Morgan had something to do with Silas’ death? Will Olivia tell Sonny that her son Leo is alive?

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