Howard Stern Dishes On Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Wedding

By on August 10, 2015
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Radio shock jock Howard Stern has been the first to spill the details about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s top-secret nuptials. He shared intimate wedding secrets on his SiriusXM radio show this morning.

Despite his reputation for being a batboy, Howard was actually one of the few people trusted with the news that Justin’s surprise birthday party was actually going to be a wedding ceremony. The funnyman has grown close with Justin along with their other pal Jimmy Kimmel. Justin and Jen wanted Howard to be one of the people to speak at their wedding. Howard may be a popular radio and televison personality but giving a speech gave him the jitters. Still, according to him, he killed it saying:

I was so nervous to talk about it. They’re so secretive, those two.

Howard kept the secret even refusing to tell his own mother for fear of blowing the news. He joked:

Evidently I’m in demand. I’m very friendly with Justin. I like him very much. I like him. I really admire him.

Apparently his admiration for Justin is so high that he would love for his daughters to bring home someone just like him. He had fun with it adding:

If one of my daughters brought home a guy like Justing, I’d be very pleased. Except for the sh-tty tattoos. Cause he’s got some f–king weird ones. And except for the fact that I gave him a journal to draw in and he draws pictures of dead zombie babies with blood dripping out of their head on almost every page. I said, those tow things might disturb me. But aside from that…

He got over his misery of having to give a speech making the guests laugh when complaining for the first ten minutes of his speech about having to make it.

howard stern

Howard had nothing but kind words for Jen and Justin saying he complimented Justin’s mother for the job she did raising her son, but also had warm words for Jen telling her that she:

Deserved a guy like this, because after all, she’s been very sweet and generous with us.

His complaints? Mocking the seating he told his co-host Robin Quivers:

They had these little tiny chairs. There was a table, and then you sit down and the chairs were like poufs, like little pillow poufs. I’m 6-foot-5! I’m a grown man.

Any other complaints Howard? He also bemoaned the no cell phone rule. Cell phones were taken away when guests arrived giving Howard more fodder. He groused:

Why can’t I have my cell phone? I don’t want to take a picture of you two! I really don’t. I want my cell phone so after I make this speech I can call my car and get the f–k outta here.

Howard has always poked fun at his aversion to social gatherings and staying up late though he admitted to having a great time at the wedding. Still he took some shots at the bride and groom’s need for privacy laughing that he has never seen Mexico despite traveling there with the couple. He laughed about privacy sheets being hung to avoid paparazzi shots claiming that Jen and Justin took more pictures than anyone saying:

The irony is, I’ve been on vacation with those two, and they take pictures every f–king minute! They’re constantly shooting pictures. But if I take a picture, I’m committing a sin.

Describing everything Jen and Justin do as top secret he also laughed about their vacations saying:

When you go on vacation with people and aren’t allowed to leave the house, you really get to know people.

Howard had fun talking about the wedding though he was careful not to spill too many personal details other than Jimmy Kimmel was actually the one who officiated and not the minister photographed walking in. He also called their first dance to a Sia song, “very romantic.”

The friendship between Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, and Howard Stern may seem odd considering their penchant for privacy and his tendency to overshare about his personal life but they have somehow become close enough to vacation together and even for the couple to let Howard in on the news that Justin’s surprise birthday party was really their wedding.

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