Ireland Baldwin Opens Up About Battle With Anxiety; ”I Was So Lost in Darkness”

By on August 5, 2015

Ireland Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin may be the daughter of the super talented Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger but her road to adulthood has not been any easy one. Do not even get me started on the voicemail Alec left for her when she was barely a teen that she and her dad now mock. He was clearly going through his own battles before he married Hilaria and they welcomed two children together. While this was happening, Ireland was growing up and becoming as beautiful as her gorgeous mother, leading her to start modeling. She also came out as bisexual and then entered rehab in April for “emotional trauma.” I still blame it on the voicemail.

Anyway, Ireland, now nineteen, has decided to speak out and she took to social media (Instagram to be specific) to pen a letter about all that she has been through and it is very deep, sad and yet oddly refreshing every time someone opens up about their issues. “There are so many moments I have taken for granted in this life due to my lack of presence. I have overlooked countless blessings and opportunities to start fresh, and I have neglected, manipulated, and lied to the people I hold dear to my heart, but more importantly, to myself. It hasn’t been until recent months that I relearned what it truly means and what it feels like to be fully present. For the longest time, I lost compassion towards almost everything i previously cared for and I was so lost in darkness, that I could hardly hold a real conversation with another human being long enough before I was due to have an anxiety attack and find my way out of it.”

She went on to add: “Tonight, I found myself pausing, multiple times, to look to my right and left and I continuously asked myself… How the hell did I get lucky enough to end up here? Why me? Why the past couple of months have I had the chance to meet the most phenomenal souls? Why are all these people giving me a chance to begin again? After all my wrongdoings and heartbreaks and trauma and absence of self, how am I here today? I just wanted to take a moment to show gratitude to everyone who has continued to stand by my side through all that took place and through all that life will continue to throw at me. I’m proud to say I will not be knocked down and alone next time around. I have never been so supported and felt so loved in my life.

“I’m happy to say I feel like Ireland again and it’s amazing that I can actually say that because it’s been a really long time and I was starting to forget what she was like. I love my friends, I love this beautiful planet, and I love new beginnings. ❤ and I love you all for making me feel beautiful and supported every single day!” We only hope that she can keep on this positive track and continue to inspire others who suffer with anxiety. Good luck Ireland.

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