Justin Bieber Update: He Cries – His Hair is Compared to Kate Gosselin – His New Video

By on August 31, 2015

Justin Bieber is all over the news today following an emotional appearance at the Video Music Awards on Sunday, August 30, 2015, where he sang a medley of “Where Are U Now” and his new single “What Do You Mean?” before bursting into tears. Other things people are talking about is the Bieb’s hair and comparing it to reality star Kate Gosselin’s hair and the real reason for the tears.

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“What Do You Mean” premiered on Friday and has already broke the record for the fastest song to hit No. 1 on iTunes. Following the singer’s performance of the hit song, he broke down in tears. It turns out the emotional outburst was out of happiness and feeling overwhelmed. Bieber is trying to make a comeback from his bad boy image of being a bratty kid and the last time he was on stage he was booed. This time Bieber’s performance, ended with a standing ovation from the star-studded crowd attending the VMAs. Going from being booed to being cheered for can be very overwhelming for anyone. Witnessing Bieber’s reaction were his millions of fans who continued to stand by him through good and bad.

As for Bieber’s hair – it didn’t take long before people on Twitter were mocking the singer and showing his new hair style next to a photo of Kate Gosselin, of reality tv star, Kate Plus Eight. With headlines like who wore it best Bieber of Kate Gosselin and Justin Channels Kate Gosselin’s awful hairstyle – that could have also been the reason for the tears? Although he didn’t get the feedback on his hair until after the show.

Leave it to Justin Bieber to take a daring risk with his hair. This isn’t the first time – he is forever trying different hairstyles, fashion items – who can forget the jeanie pants we were all hating.

What do you think of Justin’s hair? And the reason for his tears??

Check out the video of his new hit song, “What Do You Mean?” below.

'justin bieber vs. kate gosselin'

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