The Late Paul Walker’s Brother, Cody Is A Newlywed- Who Did He Marry?

By on August 16, 2015

Cody Walker

Cody Walker

Cody Walker is best-known as the late Paul Walker’s younger brother, who also filled his shoes in the latest “Fast and Furious” film, is now a newlywed. Cody, 27, married girlfriend Felicia Knox in Oregon yesterday. The duo work together for Paul’s charity called Reach Out Worldwide. To keep fans in the loop, the couple have been taking photos and posting them on social media along the way. As you may remember, Paul Walker was killed in a fiery car crash November 30th, 2013 and was unable to complete his work in “Furious 7.” That was where two of his brothers came in to help ease the pain of losing such an integral character however the cast never fully got over the loss.

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Paul Walker


Vin Diesel named his latest daughter Pauline in honor of the late star while Tyrese Gibson was spotted at the crash scene in tears. I have to say that I love that these strong men really did have a tight bond, so tight that it would not even block their emotions. Earlier this year, Cody spoke out to People Magazine about losing his older brother and taking over his charity: “Aside from acting, his daughter [Meadow, 16] and ROWW were the most important things in his life, hands down. He was very proud of ROWW and the incredible people he had surrounded himself to make up that team. I’m just doing the best that I can to keep his vision consistent. Paul was a huge movie star, and I think really what I didn’t realize about Paul that I’ve since learned, is how loved Paul was to this scale.

“Everyone that ever encountered him, he had a way of just talking to people and just making everyone – regardless of whether he just met you or not – feel like you were the most important person in the world.” The charity was founded in 2010 among the Haiti crisis and then exploded even more after Walker’s untimely death. But at least Cody and his new bride can carry on this very special legacy. No word on whether or not any of Paul’s co-stars were in attendance but we are sure he was looking down on his baby brother. Congrats to the newlyweds.

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