Mark Consuelos Gets Cast Like Wife Kelly Ripa – Has a Calf Tear

By on August 6, 2015
'kelly and mark have same boot'

It looks like Kelly Ripa may have some very close company when it comes to her broken foot. Her husband Mark Consuelos took to Instagram to announce he has an injury, as well.

'kelly and mark have same boot'

In the post, Consuelos said: “Can’t make this sh#! Up. Small calf tear.” Along with a photo of he and Kelly wearing matching boots. To be fair, Mark’s boot goes up higher than Kelly’s boot does, his boot is just below the knee, while Kelly’s boot is only up to her shin. Something I am sure she will point out on Live With Kelly and Michael when she reveals the cause of her injury.

Kelly is not happy with the matching injury. She took to Instagram and said, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW??????????? [email protected]

Unfortunately, Kelly – Mark doesn’t appear to be kidding you. While Kelly injured herself in a dance class when she tripped over/under a weight that another patron had left out, there is no word as to what caused Mark’s injury. Something tells us he didn’t tear his calf dancing, but one never knows.

Fans are showing their support and humor to the couple with posts such as:

‘Who kicked who?’

“maybe nature’s way of reminding you both you aren’t 21 anymore and to slow down”

“good (or bad) sex gone wild”

It will be interesting to see Kelly’s take on her husband’s injury. We know she joked that Mark loved seeing her in the hospital and enjoyed it just a little too much. What will she say about how Mark handled his own injury?


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