Prince William Attends Wedding With Pippa-Where’s Kate?

By on August 18, 2015

Tongues are wagging after Kate Middleton pulled a last minute no-show for a wedding forcing Prince William to bring sister-in-law Pippa as his plus one. Kate’s cancellation came so late that the bride and groom didn’t even have time to change the table settings.

Trouble is that this isn’t the first social event Wills, as his mums once called him, has had to attend without his wife. It seems she’s been skipping most social events making William attend them alone. He’s attended functions either alone or with his brother, Prince Harry. Until now, nobody has wondered why.

Kate is a favorite tabloid topic but especially so on Fleet Street. Her popularity rating among the British has soared in the wake of her wedding to her prince and then the births of their children, George and Charlotte. While she is usually written about favorably, there have been the occasional stories claiming she’s freezing out Prince Charles or his wife Camilla Parker Bowles, once Princess Diana’s nemesis, now Duchess of Cornwall. There have also been a recent spate of stories claiming her mother Carole Middleton is positioning herself to be more important to the couple and their children than the royals. But there have been no break-up stories, cheating rumors, Duchess on edge stories, or many of the other rumors that usually plague celebrity or even royal couples.

'kate middleton and prince william await baby birth'

That is until now. She has missed several weddings of people close to William, and even missed a funeral. Before her magnificent wedding she attended dozens of weddings with her then fiancee. The couple seemed inseparable. Other than a surprise appearance at a wedding a few days ago, Kate has been completely absent from the social scene since the birth of her son. William, once seen out and about frequently, has been out only slightly more. Some gossips claim Kate is insisting that any free time they have should go towards their children.

Prince William joked recently that any decisions about plans have to be made “by the missus.” While it would be understandable after giving birth that she’d want to bow out, she has only attended two weddings since they married. William has attended at least five on his own.

Kate was expected at her friends’ wedding but her sister Pippa showed up on Prince William’s arm in her place. William and his sister-in-law stayed over night and well into the next day causing gossip among guests as to exactly what happened that kept Kate away. She was listed on the place setting which read “William and Catherine Wales.”

The royal couple have enjoyed a pleasant relationship with the press though recently came out against unauthorized photos of their children. They called on the media to respect boundaries claiming unsafe methods were being used to obtain pictures. Kate has missed many functions but it is only be speculated on now, after the couple called out the press. Does this mean the press is fighting back? Are we now going to start seeing stories about William being henpecked by his wife or trouble at home types of stories?

Is there a problem between the couple? They ooze an air of glowing happiness when appearing together, but are those smiles just for the cameras? Charles and Di were the picture of happiness at one time as well despite their marriage breaking down shortly after their honeymoon.

Where do you think Kate was when William and Pippa were dancing the night away? Did she come down with a last minute illness? Did her and her husband have a knock down drag out fight? Would you send your husband anywhere with a woman famous for her bum, even if she was your sister? Let us know what you think here at Haveuheard.

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