Teen Wolf Recap Season 5 8/17/2015 “Lies of Omission”

By on August 18, 2015
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Voice over narration has become less and less a cool conceit and more to do with lazy storytelling. While the episode titles to Teen Wolf were usually clever and had many layers of meaning, season five does not seem to be delivering. The episode ‘Lies of Omission’ begins with Scott’s voice over about how everyone is lying through omission. Not showing, but telling, the ultimate sin in visual storytelling.

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It’s starting to feel like every episode is filler. It is building up to something but it really doesn’t seem to matter what that is anymore. This is a recap so the audience can be filled in on what’s happened and what is about to happen even though the audience has been watching the entire time. Instead of actual storytelling, Teen Wolf jumps through time and skips over the actual solving of the mystery and tedious details like how everyone found out about everything. It is officially episode nine of this short season and it is officially time for something to start happening.

Scott’s drawling overture goes on for more than three minutes and starts to sound more like complaining. The sweet kid with the heart of gold is deteriorating. Not because his character is boring or anything like interesting development, but because trying to make Scott McCall ‘dark’ or ‘gritty’ is not genuine to his character. Development is necessary for television shows, but Scott’s is out of the blue and catering to this new age of television where everything needs to be depressing. If this was Derek or even Stiles, this new turn could be genuine. Stiles always had a neurotic edge to him and Derek was always dark and mysterious. And while Stiles is heading towards a dark path, Scott is the driving force of the show. It just isn’t working.

Similar to all the other plot jumps, Hayden and Liam’s relationship has progressed very quickly. So quickly they seem to be an echo of season one Alison and Scott. The new recruits to the pack seem to be very reminiscent of earlier and better times. But it is short lived when Hayden starts emitting signs of failure. The silver substance – which Sheriff Stilinksi has identified as mercury – starts plaguing Hayden like the others. She begs Liam not to tell.

Another resident chimera, Cory, tests his abilities with Mason. This results in them both looking like they went to a rave in the nineties. Cory is covered in mercury and taken out in an ambulance. Hayden realizes the Dread Doctors will target her next after they find Cory.

Theo the master manipulator tells Scott about Stiles killing Donovan in self defense. Through Theo’s words, it doesn’t sound like it. He acts reluctant when Scott asks about Stiles and then protests like it wasn’t his idea to begin with. The more Theo claims it was self defense, the more doubt Scott has. Theo is even so sociopathic that it looks like he’s about to cry, which he seems to be doing all episode. But his true motives are still unclear, even nine episodes in and almost to the season finale. The only stakes that really matter anymore are Scott and Stiles. At least the show seems to be aware of it.

Another chimera reveals herself in Malia’s class – inexplicably taught by Mrs. Martin who took the role of he guidance counselor up until now. After bleeding mercury, new chimera Beth runs out of the class. Even stranger, Mrs. Martin seems to know everything about everything suddenly. While she may have been able to pick some things up from Lydia and her own mother was a banshee, this is just another retcon. From the beginning, Mrs. Martin was one of the adults that was totally in the dark. Revealing the truth to the parents was always dealt with delicately. Now she suddenly knows everything and it just seems like a convenient plot device, yet again.

Malia chases Beth out of class only to see her murdered by the Dread Doctors right before her eyes. This is starting to become a pattern. Hayden’s hypothesis about the Doctors not coming out during the day is also proven to be false. At the hospital, Cory is also mortally wounded by his creators, despite his newfound ability of camouflage.

While Hayden and Liam are at the teenage club Sinema preparing to run away, the Doctors come for Hayden. Scott shows up to protect his pack, despite the fight he and Liam had earlier on. It seems like it’s the end for Hayden, but instead of expiring like the rest of her fellow chimeras, when the Doctors inject her, she seems to absorb the mercury.

But the true climax of the episode is the last five minutes when Scott reveals that he knows that Stiles killed Donovan. Just like Scott and Kira’s effective break up scene, Scott and Stiles’ is also set in the rain. It is more heartbreaking than anything else happening in this season. Stiles’ ‘decision’ to kill Donovan is only amplified by Theo’s lies. Theo twisted Scott’s brain into thinking Stiles has become twisted himself. While Stiles may be having a crisis of conscience, he is nowhere near the sociopath that Theo is.

Stiles claims that Donovan would have killed this father but he neglects to mention that Donovan was literally about to eat his legs. Without Theo  inserting himself into the situation, this would just be another episode where Stiles and Scott talk out their problems and save the day. This season is all about dark boundaries but this just seems like a weird and unnecessary misunderstanding. What Stiles did was in fact self-defense. Theo just knows how to manipulate.

Parrish becomes aware that he is the one taking the bodies but nothing more is revealed unless you count the unnecessary and frankly boring flirtation between Lydia and Parrish. The real crowning achievement is showing the deterioration of Scott McCall and how his relationship with Stiles affects him. After effectively breaks up with Stiles and leaving him in the rain romantic drama style, Scott finds Hayden dying at the vet clinic. Liam thinks the only way to save her from the mercury poisoning is for Scott to give her the bite. For the first time, Scott refuses to help someone. He says no. His reasoning and emotional turmoil is understandable and painful to watch. For once, this is a good thing.

The most tragic thing about Stiles crying in the rain is his self-fulfilling prophecy. He was afraid that Scott wouldn’t understand what he did so he never told him. But if he had told him when it happened and really explained, they wouldn’t be at this angsty place.

While Mason and Liam seem to be echoes of earlier seasons, Scott also seems to be an echo of Derek, the alpha before him. Derek also struggled with absolute power and making uncomfortable decisions. Scott could never understand that, but now he has a first hand glimpse. He ostracizes his best friend and won’t help a dying girl. However the show got here, it is committed and finally seems to know what it wants to do.

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