Gisele Skips Tom Brady’s Court Hearing and Pre-Season Game-Are They Over?

By on August 26, 2015
"Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady"

Tom Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen have been the picture of happiness and perfection. He is gorgeous quarterback with four Super Bowl rings. She is the incredibly beautiful supermodel who has built a business empire while strutting the runways. When Gisele retired from the runways, Tom posted a loving message to her, and she is a fixture at his games, cheering him on, and sometimes even defending him when he has a bad game. So what’s going on with these two lately?

Tom has been under fire over the Deflategate controversy. He is currently fighting an NFL suspension claiming he had no knowledge of footballs being deflated. His loving and supportive wife has not been seen by his side during the court hearings or a preseason game. Her absence has started the gossip mill with many believing that the love is gone.


The couple was dragged into Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s divorce scandal after pictures of Ben’s rumored mistress, Christine Ouzounian, popped up on social media. She was posing on a private jet wearing four Super Bowl rings. The discovery that the nanny was flying private to a poker tournament with Ben became tabloid fodder which only escalated with the addition of star quarterback Tom Brady and his rings. Was it proof that Ben was having an affair and that Tom Brady was aware?

Gisele had her own issues recently too. There were rumors that she wore a burka to avoid being photographed while going into a plastic surgery clinic in France. The woman pictured in the burka was carrying a bag that looked similar to one Gisele had been carrying, and the woman was wearing sandals, apparently a no no while wearing a burka.

The supermodel has strenuously denied ever having cosmetic surgery declaring it was not something she’d ever do. She wouldn’t be the first woman to get a touch up but considering her strong stance against it, the paparazzi would love to be able to prove it was her under that burka.

Has Tom’s Deflategate and Gisele’s Inflategate caused some tension in the marriage? They’ve managed to look deliriously happy while managing busy careers and kids. Wouldn’t Gisele retiring from the runway mean more quality time together? They have managed to balance their public and private lives while always looking like a connected and happy couple. Lately they don’t seem very connected, at least not publicly.

What do you think? Are Tom Brady and Gisele hitting a rough patch or are the rumors wrong? Let us know here at Haveheard.

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