Video: President Obama Gives Donald Trump Debate Advice on Jimmy Fallon

By on August 4, 2015
'barack obama and donald trump talk debate'

In case you were wondering what a conversation between President Obama and Donald Trump would be like – Jimmy Fallon took on the task on The Tonight Show and hilarity ensued.

'barack obama and donald trump talk debate'

Since Gawker leaked Donald Trump’s phone number, President Obama called him with some advice for the first GOP debate. Obama started the conversation by telling Trump, who released another candidate’s cell phone number, “payback is a bitch.” When Trump asked Obama why he would want to help him become President, Obama told him,

“Because it would be hilarious. Look I’ve been President for eight years, I’m ready for some entertainment. I just want to grab some popcorn, sit back and watch the whole show go down.” Trump responded by saying, “Yes, I am great and very rich.”

Obama gave him some rules to follow – ‘no interrupting’ – Trump quickly interrupted the President. The next rule was, ‘You can’t just throw around numbers that don’t make any sense.’ Trump quickly spoke about trillions and billions in a nonsensical way. Trump then goes on to swear he is speaking the truth and swears on Barack’s name, “Barack Hussein Omorosa.”

The President wanted to speak about how Trump is being portrayed in the media and how everyone is talking smack about him. Trump responded by telling Obama,

“The media loves me, they try to act like they don’t but they do. They say they’re done, They say they’ve had enough, but they keep coming back for me. Like Chris Christie at a Golden Corral buffet.”

Obama threw out some sample debate questions for Trump who seemed to believe the answer to all of the questions are to ‘build a giant wall.’ ┬áThe questions included “How are you going to deal with immigration?” Build a giant wall, “What about the economy?” Build a giant wall.

The debate ended with Trump saying he was going to auto tune all of his answers. Obama liked the idea and the two of them ended the debate by singing a song on auto tune.

We have the complete video below. Check it out and let us know what you think? How did Jimmy Fallon do with his imitation of Donald Trump?

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