Miss America and Vanessa Williams Fight Over Who Must Apologize

By on September 11, 2015

The Miss America Organization and former Miss America are squabbling over which one is owed an apology. Promos have already been running promoting the former beauty queen’s return to Miss America. Williams once forced to hand over her crown was set to appear as a judge and receive an apology. But not so fast.

Back before sex tapes and nude selfies were all the rage, Vanessa Williams was the picture of beauty and elegance becoming the first ever black Miss America. Her place in history was marred when Penthouse unearthed nude photos of Williams, some of her simulating sexual acts with another woman. Just two months shy of the end of her reign, she was cast out in shame.

Of course that wasn’t the end of her. She rebounded with a successful acting and music career able to overcome the scandal though it never seemed to be quite forgotten. Now Miss America was set to have her back and it appears that there was a miscommunication somewhere.

Sources claim that Williams agreed to appear at the beginning of the show and receive an apology from a Miss America official for her forced resignation 32 years ago. According to a TMZ report, Miss America officials thought it was the other way around and were expecting Williams to apologize for what she did and then be given a new crown.

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Miss America has always tried to hold themselves up as a symbol of pure American values despite criticism from some who believe the pageant is sexist. But they want an apology 32 years later? In a world of careers propelled by sex tapes and nude photos? Do they not believe enough time has passed to just live and let live?

After all, Williams went on to become a success and has never been in any kind of trouble or controversy. Are the Miss America ratings suffering so much that they need this kind of publicity? Attempting to humiliate a grown woman, a mom, in front of a television audience?

The organization has been running promos about her return so the ball is really in her court. While she still speaks about the scandal and the embarrassment caused, she owes nobody an apology, especially an organization that claims to be about empowering women. Vanessa Williams should tell the Miss America Organization to suck it.

What do you think about Miss America wanting an apology from Vanessa Williams? Are they out of their minds or is it a publicity stunt? Let us know what you think here at Haveuheard.

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