America’s Got Talent 2015 Season 10 Recap 9/16/15 – Who Won?!

By on September 16, 2015
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On tonight’s episode of America’s Got Talent we’ll find out which of the remaining 10 acts will be walking away with the title and $1 million!

If you missed last night’s of America’s Got Talent finalists, you can check out the recap here!

America's Got Talent - Season 8

As a refresher, the final 10 acts are:

  • Derek Hughes – Magician
  • Drew Lynch – Comedian
  • Oz Pearlman – Mentalist
  • Benton Blount – Singer
  • The CraigLewis Band
  • Piff the Magic Dragon – Comedian and Magician (and my personal favorite!)
  • The Professional Regurgitator (Steven Starr) – He does exactly what you think he does…
  • Paul Zerdin – Ventriloquist
  • Uzeyer – Danger/Balancing Act
  • Gary Vider – Comedian

Each of these acts as really brought their “A” game this season and tonight we’ll be finding out which of them is walking away with the grand prize!

Tonight’s finale is going to be two hours and AGT is bringing out a bunch of celebs and former contestants to spice up the show, and each of the contestants will be performing with one of those guests.

Kicking things off (… 14 minutes into the show) are The CraigLewis Band singing “I Want To Know What Love Is” with Yolanda Adams – and they were great, of course.

Oz is up now for his solo performance – he’ll be doing a card trick tonight instead of his usual schtick (mental…ism). But it turns out he still read Heidi’s mind – it’s pretty intense.

Next up, Derek Hughes and last year’s winner Matt Franco (from Rhode Island, woot woo!) are taking the stage. They did a couple tricks with picking the right card, while also heavily promoting Matt’s show – which premier’s tomorrow night. Piff the Magic Dragon is up next, joined by Penn and Teller. Uzeyer batted clean-up of this portion of the show, doing a performance with Semi-Finalists Freelusion.

Drew Lynch and Gary Vider are up next, roasting each other for the sake of comedy. Except they kind of roasted themselves. And then Howie spoke up and said they need to be “brutal” to each other – and then Jeff Ross – the Roast Master General – came out. Wearing a shiny leopard blazer.

Penn and Teller are back on stage, this time with The Professional Regurgitator who swallowed a small film cannister, some water, and a live goldfish. I won’t lie though – I rewound the clip a few times because it kind of looks like the Professional Regurgitator didn’t swallow the film canister, he just held it in his mouth… interestinggg.

Benton Blount is up next, accompanied by Rachel Platton as they sing her hit “Fight Song.” Paul Zerdin came up on stage next, joined by another ventriloquist, Terry. This guest ventriloquist is AMAZING, by the way. Truly.

And after all that – here we go! We’re about to find out which acts have made it into the Top 5. But you’ll need to click over to the next page…
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