Big Brother Season 17 Spoilers – Who Won Final HoH Endurance Competition

By on September 17, 2015

Big Brother 17 is down to the final three, Steve, Vanessa and Liz.

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After watching Vanessa rule the house the entire season, it is hard to continue watching as Steve hands her the game on a silver platter. Steve claims to know everything there is to know about Big Brother, but clearly he doesn’t or just chooses to give the $500,000 prize to Vanessa.

While Steve was the Head of Household in the final four, he threw the veto competition, giving Vanessa the ultimate control of the house. Vanessa then eliminated Johnny Mac instead of Liz, because really Liz is just there. She hasn’t won a thing, making her easy to beat and ultimately allowing Liz to win the game.

Once John left, the three remaining houseguests were faced with an endurance competition. Hanging on rope swings while being dipped in goo and slammed against the wall was the competition. Lasting more than four hours, Steve dropped off first and then Vanessa promised Liz if she fell off next she would take her to the final two. Because we all know that Vanessa’s word is good? Seriously, what is it about Vanessa that all of the houseguests have listened to her throughout the entire season?

Round 1 goes to Vanessa.

Round 2 – Steve and Liz will face off. The winner will compete against Vanessa in round 3.
Despite Vanessa studying all week with Liz, Steve wins the HoH Round 2.

Vanessa isn’t happy but tries to fake it and it isn’t working. Steve is on to her. Steve tells Vanessa they should tell Liz, she will be going home but Vanessa tells him they should wait.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out especially since Vanessa has told Steve he doesn’t have to worry and he should throw round 3. Steve has already said no but Vanessa has been convincing all season. Can she continue to be this convincing?

The winner of round 3 will choose who they want to face off with in front of all the jurors.

Who are you rooting for? Do you think at this point Vanessa deserves to win?

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