Catfish: The TV Show Recap 9/9/15 – The Untold Stories Part 4

By on September 9, 2015
'catfish the untold story part 4'
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Catfish: The TV Show is all about the Untold Stories Part 4.

'catfish the untold story part 4'

Nev and Max capture the true stories of love and deception in real time. What about those stories that get resolved before Nev and Max get to solve the story.

The first catfish story we see is Alex and Jonathan. This catfish story went on from 2010 – 2015. We meet Alex, who is 21 years old and from California. Before he began catfishing he was shy. He always felt like a girl trapped in a man’s body. Alex found Sophia’s photo, a beautiful blonde hair and blue eyed woman. He found Jonathan online. Jonathan is a ballroom dancer and Alex said Sophia also was a ballroom dancer and they hit it off.

Alex claimed he was telling him real things about him, it was just a different face and a name.  Alex even sent Sophia’s photo to Jonathan. Sophia would send gifts to Jonathan. Jonathan wanted to meet Sophia but got the usual excuses. I’m sick. I’m busy, etc. Alex even sent naked photos to Jonathan. Sophia would tell Jonathan she loved him. Jonathan wanted to met Alex so Alex bought a plane ticket but immediately canceled. Jonathan had no clue. The night Sophia was supposed to arrive, he sent Jonathan a text that he was in a serious car accident.

Jonathan became suspicious and did a reverse image search. He found Sophia online and realized it wasn’t really her after 2 1/2 years of being catfished. Alex admits he lied and tells him she was scared she wouldn’t like him. He sends over another photo of Sophia 2 – a Latino girl. Jonathan wanted proof and asked for a photo of her with his name on a poster board. Alex pulled that off and Jonathan still believed her.

Once again, Jonathan found out that Sophia 2 was a fake. So Alex provided a Sophia number 3, who was Asian like himself. He even video chatted with Jonathan dressed like her with a wig and all. Jonathan finally confronted Sophia and told him that the real Sophia was Alex. He told him he was a man named Alex, using his regular male voice.

Jonathan was upset and angry, not just with Alex but with himself, as well.

Jonathan has forgiven Alex and is dating real women. Alex has become comfortable with his sexuality and has stopped cat fishing.

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