Damon Wayans Defends Bill Cosby- Attacks Accusers Calling Them “Bitches” and “UnRapeable”

By on September 6, 2015

Comedian Damon Wayans has inserted himself into the Bill Cosby rape scandal making controversial remarks about the accusers and about what he’d do in Cosby’s place. No, he didn’t say he would never drug women with the intention of having sex with them, something Cosby admitted under oath when sued by accuser Andrea Constand. Instead he backed the former Cosby Show star claiming that the accusers were unrapeable. Clearly Wayans needs to be educated about sexual assault.

While appearing on a radio show on Friday morning, the former In Living Color star told his hosts, “I just don’t believe it. I think it’s a money hustle.” He argued that race is factor stating that white celebrities like Woody Allen and Stephen Collins have not suffered the same type of backlash with similar accusations. While Allen does still enjoy a respected career as a director, he did face backlash after child molestation allegations and his subsequent relationship with Soon-Yi, daughter of his one-time love, Mia Farrow. Stephen Collins also faced public scorn and his career is all but over. However, is Wayans saying if others got away with it then please leave poor Bill alone?

Actually no. He is saying that the close to 50 accusers “bitches” who are “unrapeable,” as if rape was about looks, personality, or about physical attraction and not control. Wayans also must not be aware that Cosby counted models and Playboy bunnies among his alleged victims. Wayans must also be unaware that Cosby himself admitted, under oath, that he gave quaaludes to women with the intention of having sex with them and that he paid a settlement to one victim that he also admitted to drugging.

'bill cosby rapist?'

Besides declaring them unrapeable he questioned the amount of time it took for them to come forward asking, “Listen, how big is his penis that it gives you amnesia for 40 years?”

Wayans has his own theory about why the accusers are claiming rape saying that he believes they were all in relationships with the Cos and became disgruntled after he called it quits. He told Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, “I believe he was in relationships with them and he’s like,”You know what? I’m 78. It don’t work like that anymore. I can’t get it up for any of y’all. Bye bitches.’ And then they’re like, ‘Oh really? Rape!'”

He also believe that this all stems from when Cosby “started criticizing young black men” saying it cot him support in the black community and giving the accusers an “opening.” Maybe Wayans missed the constant accolades thrown Cosby’s way or the way he sat on Oprah’s show defending his infamous “Pound Cake” speech while Oprah sat by gazing in adoration never once challenging anything Dr. Cosby had to say.

As far as Hannibal Burress, the comic whose stand-up routine propelled the story into a viral discussion on social media, Wayans never asks why the victims’ own words weren’t enough for people to take the accusers seriously or why it took a stand-up comic calling Cosby a rapist to get people to listen. Instead he asks of Burress, “I wonder how he feels, being the dude that destroyed Cosby,” before dissing Buress’s new Comedy Central series saying, “It’s premature. I don’t feel it right now.

Wayans did say Cosby should tell the truth though then joked about what he would “divorce my wife, wink-wink, give her all my money, and then I would go to a deposition. I would light one of them three-hour cigars. I’d have some wine and maybe a Quaalude, and I would just go off, because I don’t believe he was raping.”

His comments drew an immediate backlash and he told followers on Twitter to “Stop twisting my words. Watch the entire interview before u condemn me.” He also added a link to a part in which he said, “For anybody who was raped by Bill Cosby, I’m sorry and hope you get justice,” odd words considering he declared a belief in Cosby’s innocence and declared the accusers unrapeable.

What do you think about what Damon Wayans had to say about Bill Cosby’s accusers? What about him defending Cosby against the allegations. Do you think Cosby is getting a raw deal or did he get away with raping and drugging almost 50 women? Let us know what you think here at Haveuheard.

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