General Hospital Recap for September 14 to September 18, 2015

By on September 19, 2015
'general hospital'
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This week on General Hospital…..Kristina returns to town as Sonny’s life hangs in the balance; Ava is a free woman—for now; and Morgan goes off the deep end.

'general hospital'

Maxie is relieved when Nathan returns home. She goes into his arms, worried about Sonny and Carly. Nathan tells her that Nina is a free woman—and went with Franco back to the Metro Court. Maxie frowns. Why would they want to go there?

To torture Ric, that’s why! Franco and Nina set up a crib and ambush Ric in his hotel room. They reveal to him that they know he was gas lighting her—and he better give her an annulment or else! After Ric flees, Franco kisses Nina.

Elizabeth summons the courage to tell Jake that he is really Jason, but before she can get the words out, little Jake runs downstairs. He performs a cliché as old as time, crying that he had a nightmare where Jake left like all his other dads. Big Jake assures Jake that he won’t leave them and goes to tuck him into bed. He then rejoins Elizabeth, who reiterates that she’s done something so terrible that it will destroy them. Instead of telling him that he is really Jason, Elizabeth tearfully shares the time she falsified Danny’s paternity test to keep Jason away from Sam. Jake admires Elizabeth’s need to tell the truth and convinces her that he will never leave her. He suggests they go to bed and cuddle. Relieved Elizabeth agrees, putting off the truth for another day.

At General Hospital both Dante and Morgan spend time with Sonny while Michael finds Sonny’s vows and gives them to Carly. Carly heads to the chapel to read them. Meanwhile Patrick confronts Sam again about her proclivity to all things mob-related. They are interrupted by Sonny’s monitors beeping out of control. Patrick rushes to Sonny and later tells Carly, Dante, Michael, and Morgan that the bullet shifted from Sonny’s spine to his heart. They need to do surgery. However, Sonny may not be strong enough to survive the surgery, but waiting isn’t really an option either. Carly can’t make the decision since she didn’t marry Sonny yet, so she turns to Dante, Morgan and Michael. Together they make the tough call for Patrick to perform the surgery.

Meanwhile Sam returns home to find Ric with Danny, having relieved Molly of babysitting duties. They put aside their animosity for a moment to share their concern for Sonny—and to lament Jason’s absence and to note how similar Jake is to Jason. Hm…

Maxie and Nathan get ready for bed. They discuss what happened that day. They are thankful for each other, and find solace in one another.

The next morning Carly, Morgan, and Michael wait for news about Sonny while Dante is in the chapel asking God for forgiveness for sleeping with Valerie. Lulu enters. Luckily for Dante she didn’t hear much, but she does ask why Dante is beating himself up. Dante covers, says he was with Sonny when he started crashing. He seems about to confess to Lulu about Valerie when Olivia arrives to tell them that Sonny is out of surgery.

Patrick tells Sonny’s loved ones that Sonny survived, but now they just have to wait and see. Carly enters Sonny’s room to talk to him—and he opens his eyes! Overjoyed Carly tells Sonny how much she loves him. Sonny apologizes for missing their wedding. Carly shushes him. She admits she read his vows and urges him to get better so they can really get married.

At the PCPD Valerie approaches Nathan with work stuff. Nathan notices how worked up she gets over Sonny, and how worried about Dante she is. He informs her that he knows she slept with Dante and to cool her emotions because it’s pretty obvious. Valerie nods, yet she heads to the hospital with the results of Julian’s forensics test. Nathan has to let Julian go. There is nothing linking him to Sonny’s shooting.

Earlier Lucas visits his dad, worried that his dad will end up like Sonny if he is not careful. Julian claims he is trying to stay clean, but the mob keeps pulling him back in! Later Julian returns home where he tells Alexis that he intends to skip town. He asks Alexis to go with him, but she declines, saying that her daughters need her.

In another part of the jail Scotty pays Ava a visit. He says that Diane isn’t coming and he is her best chance at freedom. Ava scoffs. Her best chance at freedom was her recording which is locked up in the DA’s office! Scotty smirks. He actually has it. He hates Ava, but he hates Sonny more. So for five million dollars, he will represent her—and hopefully put the screws to Sonny in the process. The next morning Ava and Scotty head to court where Ava happily calls Julian to tell him she will be free soon. Her arraignment begins when Ric is forced to admit that the flash drive with Ava’s confession is missing. The judge reluctantly drops the charges against Ava, but warns her that once that drive is found, Ava will be brought back to trial. Ava gleefully hugs Scotty and plans to arrange a wire transfer from her off shore accounts, but something troubling happens. Scotty finds his room has been ransacked—and the flash drive is missing! Ava realizes her days are numbered. She orders Scotty to find that flash drive and heads home to cut and dye her back to her natural blonde.

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