Heidi Klum’s Yellow Emmy Dress Compared to Big Bird and a Swiffer

By on September 20, 2015
'big bird heidi klum'

Heidi Klum’s yellow dress that she wore to the 67th Emmy Awards did not go over well with viewers watching the red carpet.

'heidi klum looks like big bird at emmy's'

It may have been 100 degrees in Los Angeles where the Emmy’s were held but it looked as though Heidi Klum was dressed for any kind of weather with an off the shoulder dress with a sheer bottom. Her dress was interesting to say the least. The internet immediately took to Twitter, Instagram and any other social media outlet they could find to mock the model saying things like:

Heidi Klum looks like she’s wearing a cross between an ice skating outfit and a tablecloth

Heidi Klum looks like egg drop soup

Heidi Klum looks like a butter sculpture. An Italian melting butter sculpture… #Emmys2015 #redcarpet

Heidi Klum looks just like a canary at the #emmys.

The comments didn’t stop with words – the photos were just as insulting.

Heidi Klum Responds to Donald Trump saying she isn’t a 10.

Heidi isn’t the first celebrity who has been mocked for their looks on the red carpet. Check out who Justin Bieber was compared to at the VMA Awards Show.

Check out the photo below and let us know what you think about Heidi’s dress. Does anyone like Klum’s dress or is this just a ‘what were you thinking moment?’

Check out the photo of Heidi and Big Bird below.

'big bird heidi klum'

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