Kim Kardashian Maternity Clothes Include Kanye West’s T-Shirts

By on September 8, 2015
kim kardashian ramone's t-shirt with serena williams'

What pregnant women hasn’t reached for their husband’s t-shirt to cover up their growing baby bump? The only difference with Kim Kardashian using her husband, Kanye West’s t-shirt as maternity wear is she posted her pregnancy style on Instagram to her 45 million plus followers on Monday night, while Kanye West wearing the Ramone’s t-shirt had been posted to a fans Instagram page, the day before.

kim kardashian ramone's t-shirt with serena williams'

Was this a case of I’m grabbing whatever clothes I can find because I’m running out? Kardashian’s running out was dinner with tennis great, Serena Williams. Kim wrote a caption:

“Sipping & spilling the tea tonight with Serena ☕️?”

Serena should probably have been resting up for her big match today, Tuesday, September 9th against her sister, Venus Williams at the US Open, taking place in Flushing, NY. The famous tennis sisters will meet for the 27th time in their careers and the fifth time at the U.S. Open. Serena is 15-11 over her sister, so she may be feel confident that tea with Kim Kardashian will not have an effect on her game.

Kardashian’s maternity style has been under scrutiny since she was pregnant with her first child, daughter, North West.  Vogue Magazine wrote an article the day before Kim wore Kanye’s t-shirt saying her style was heating up, saying “the expectant mother had brought her fashion A game with her” to New York. The Wests are in town with their daughter, North West to prepare for the upcoming fashion shows that are taking place for Fashion Week.

Kardashian’s fashion line, the Kardashian Kollection, she owned with her sisters used to be available at Sears but has since been removed from the store. West debuted his fashion line, Yeezy Season 1 during Fashion Week in February 2015, but quickly came under fire for its ridiculous prices, as well as the style.

What do you think of women wearing their husband’s t-shirts as maternity clothes? Is that something you have done? Would you continue to do it??


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