Kim Richards Skips Court Appearance-Is She Headed to Jail?

By on September 2, 2015
'kim richards drunk at daughter's wedding'

Kim Richards was expected in an L.A. court stemming from her April arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel on August 31, but the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was a no show. The Los Angeles County DA said she was not expected to appear due to an injured foot, though what she did to her foot was unclear.

There were reports that Kim was set to accept a plea deal in which she would have been required to attend Alcoholics Anonymous, do 30 days of community labor, and 36 months probation. Her attorneys were hoping to talk prosecutors into allowing community service instead of hard labor using her foot injury as the reason behind the request.


The plea deal fell through when the community service swap was rejected. Now the reality star will have to go back to court in September. If no deal is made she may be forced to go to trial. If she is found guilty at trial she faces jail time.

While she surely hopes to avoid jail maybe she should take a lesson from Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie who both did little more than an hour in jail due to overcrowding. The LA jails are notoriously overcrowded and with the exception of Paris Hilton who did only a few days before being released to serve home detention.

Kim’s arrest came after a very public battle with substance abuse. She had spent much of her last season as a housewife fighting with Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson who believed she had fallen off the wagon. In one ugly scene, Kim fought back insinuating that Lisa Rinna was the one with secrets making many wonder if Lisa’s husband Harry Hamlin was stepping out.

The battles came to a head at the Real Housewives Reunion where Kim admitted she didn’t have dirt on Harry and where her and her sister Kyle Richards admitted they were no longer speaking. Kim had uninvited Kyle to the wedding of Kim’s daughter with Monty Brinson.

After the show aired, Kim was arrested in a drunken incident at the Polo Lounge where she locked herself in the bathroom before kicking police officers. After that she reportedly became drunk and belligerent at Brooke’s wedding causing her sober coach to walk out on her. She disappeared in Mexico for awhile before coming home and finally checking in to a rehab center. After she checked out she was then arrested for shoplifting at an LA area Target.

Her ex-husband Monty has been posting positive messages of support on Instagram but Kim has been lying low. Now that her plea deal is hanging in the air will she get the help she needs or will she end up in jail? If she ends up in jail will she do a mere hours or will she actually serve some time? Let us know what you think here at Haveuheard.

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