Kris Jenner Refuses to Call Caitlyn Jenner By Her Name-Calls Her Jenner

By on September 18, 2015

Kris Jenner is still struggling with Caitlyn Jenner’s transition admitting to Access Hollywood that she does not call her ex Caitlyn. While she is supportive of Caitlyn’s desire to live an authentic life she describes the transition period as tough.

Caitlyn recently filed the paperwork to legally change her name and gender though Kris explains that she doesn’t call her by name saying, “I say ‘Jenner.'” She also said that she is “getting to know her” over time, taking it slow.

Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair

The couple recently had their first face to face meeting since Caitlyn’s transition in a tense stand-off captured for Caitlyn’s docu-series I Am Cait. The former spouses looked uncomfortable but spoke of trying to find a way to move forward to honor the 23 years they were married and for the sake of their children.

They had been at odds over a Vanity Fair article in which Caitlyn blamed the demise of their relationship on Kris. Kris was very hurt at Caitlyn’s characterization and believed there was more good in the marriage that should have been mentioned. When talking about moving forward, the two formed what appeared to be an uneasy truce.

Kris and Caitlyn are working on building a friendship with Kris revealing, “I don’t know about curl up on the couch. But she came over for a drink last night and that was nice.”

On I Am Cait, Kris was hurt that Caitlyn seemed unable to understand why she was having difficulty and expressed hope that she would be a little less selfish than when she was still Bruce. She claimed she thought that the selfishness was just a “guy thing” but believed Caitlyn still had some selfishness in her.

She echoed those thoughts telling Access Hollywood,” I just thought she would be a little bit different. Bruce had a distinct personality and, you know, had definite characteristics. And Caitlyn has some different ones, I feel.”

The couple married in 1991 and Caitlyn now admits that she had begun the transition process back then but stopped out of fear of hurting her children. She claims that when she left Kris she had no idea that this would be the end result and holds on to the belief that the end of the marriage was more the way Kris treated her than a desire to transition. While its possible she may not have been consciously aware, it seems that she is being unfair to Kris placing all of the blame on her.

What do you think about Kris Jenner refusing to call Caitlyn by name? Does she just need time or is it proof that Caitlyn was right about being mistreated? Let us know what you think here at Haveuheard.

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