Matt Damon Blames Being Gay as the Cause of Rupert Everett’s Career Failure

By on September 28, 2015
'matt damon's pseudo apology'

Matt Damon is standing up for all the gay actors in Hollywood to let them know that coming out as gay will hurt their career.

'matt damon's pseudo apology'

Apparently, Damon is the expert in all things controversial lately, from diversity to sexuality. His most recent comments about diversity caused a stir with his apology being a joke and posted to Funny or Die.

Damon’s most recent comment came during an interview with The Guardian where he was asked whether he felt actors who come out of the closet face more difficulties in show business. His response was,

“I’m sure. When Ben and I first came on the scene there were rumors that we were gay because it was two guys who wrote a script together.”

Damon was referring to the Oscar Winning movie, Good Will Hunting, that set him and Affleck on the road to stardom. While they rose to fame thanks to the film, there were also rumors they were secretly gay lovers. He said he found answering questions about his sexuality to be deeply offensive.

Damon went on to say that once Rupert Everett came out as gay, that his career took a hit. Before revealing his sexual preferences, Everett starred in several romantic comedies opposite women. Since he came out as openly gay, Damon believes Everett’s career has suffered.

No word from Everett as to how he feels about Matt Damon using him as the poster child for coming out. If you take a look at IMDB, Everett’s career seems to be doing just fine. Is he as well known as George Clooney? No. But maybe that’s based on the acting decisions that Everett has made and not his sexuality.

Damon does make one good point and that is whether an actor is straight or gay, people shouldn’t know anything about their sexuality because that’s one of the mysteries they should be able to play.

What are your thoughts on what Damon has to say??

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