Minority Report Recap 9/21/15 Season Premiere

By on September 22, 2015
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Minority Report (2002) directed by Steven Spielberg was a major film, which received significant success. The setting is in a futuristic world in Washington D.C, where crime is solved through “pre-crime” in which three mutated humans who can see into the future, see visions of upcoming murders. Police then try to stop these murders from happening.


Tonight was the premiere of the spin-off show with the same name, Minority Report and setting 10 years after the events from the film. Don’t worry though, you didn’t need to watch the movie to get into this new show.

The pilot episode of Minority Report began with a description of PreCrime and the three siblings called “PreCogs”.
Dash, Arthur, and Agatha were three children, with Agatha being the older sister while Arthur and Dash twin brothers. They were born brain dead from parents who were drug addicts. Group of scientists saved them with experimental therapy, which gave them a mind and the ability to live.

They lived as children until the scientists discovered this unusual gift, the abliity to see future murders within a 100 miles. They were taken by the government under “PreCrime” and used to stop murder in D.C as PreCogs. PreCrime stopped numerous deaths and stopped crime, but the PreCogs were used as slaves, given no life and no memory just the sole purpose to see visions of upcoming murders. After PreCrime was abandoned with using PreCogs, they were sent to a isolated location to live on their own away from society…but not for long.

Dash one of the PreCogs is in Washington D.C. He is trying to stop crimes on his own without police intervention but his visions are short and not detailed enough, so he draws what faces he remembers and scenery, plus any other important details. His visions are weak because he is not with his siblings Agatha and Arthur.

Agatha still lives in the isolated location they were sent away to, while Arthur lives in D.C. but as a real estate agent. Arthur has no interest in solving future murders, and wants to live a normal life so their is friction between the twin brothers. Lara Vega, is a young police detective in the new PreCrime. PreCrime now just uses new technology and devices to solve crime.

The pilot episode was a thrilling start to what seems to be a interesting series of crime, suspense, and new discoveries set in a futuristic world.

Dash is not supposed to be found by anyone but his desire to stop murderers, leads to his unexpected meeting and teamwork with Lara after he couldn’t stop the death of the mother in beginning. Lara agrees to not tell anyone he is PreCog, and their work undercover going step by step to successfully stop what could have been a major attack on Mayor candidate Van Eyck, his wife, and people at his rally, sets a promising season 1 ahead.

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