Who is Peih-Gee Law? Bio and Video – Survivor: Cambodia Second Chance Cast 2015

By on September 23, 2015
'peih-gee law survivor cambodia: second chances1

Who is Peih-Gee Law? Initially appearing on season 15 of Survivor, Survivor: China, Peih-Gee Law will return to Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance to see if this time around she can make it to the end.

'peih-gee law survivor cambodia: second chances1

Peih-Gee Law is 37 years old and single. She currently lives in California and works with her parents in their jewelry business running the operations part of it.

In Law’s video for Survivor: Cambodia Second Chance says her most memorable moments were every time she made through a challenge. She didn’t show much of her personality the first time. She said she still has some snap and bite to her. She plans on choosing her battles this time around. She doesn’t believe that being sweet and lovely will get her far in life.

Season: Survivor: China

Previous Finish: 5th place

What will you do differently this time around? “I’ve come to realize that making strong social bonds and friendships will get you much farther in this game (as in life) than any amount of logic or strategy. I think one of my downfalls the last time I played was not having the numbers come merge time, but my biggest downfall was my lack of a social game. I wasn’t very good at making friends with people around camp, which doesn’t get people on your side. I was bossy and too opinionated. This time around, I am going to enjoy myself more, make friends, and try to keep my mouth shut.”

The Survivor cast has been chosen by the fans for the first time in the history of the show. The premiere of the show will take the cast, who have already competed on Survivor, during one of its earlier seasons back to where it all began, in Cambodia.

After being dropped off on in Camboida, 20 castaways will revisit the first-ever Survivor challenge, which was completed 15 years ago. From there they will decide grab a supply boat, board it, and take as many supplies as they can with them or they can swim or find a way to get to another boat that is 100 yards away with a big bag of rice.

Check out Pei Law’s video below:

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