Prince Harry Spends Birthday Honoring RAF Veterans

By on September 15, 2015

Prince Harry celebrates his 31st birthday day and instead of a bash that would be fitting for the royal family’s wild child, he will be spending the day honoring RAF veterans. Harry known for his splash of red hair and mischievous smile has eased in nicely to a life of duty as an heir to the thrown. Once third in line, the births of his nephew, George, and niece, Charlotte, have knocked down a few spots to number five. His hard partying ways may be a distant memory as he has been spending more of his time helping charitable causes, recently spending time in Africa working towards conservation efforts.

'prince harry yawning'

Instead of a booze-filled holiday, the prince is marking the Battle of Britain and was expected to take a seat in a Spitfire for a flyover set to mark the 75th anniversary. When one of the planes suffered from mechanical failure, Harry gave up his seat ensuring that vet Tom Neil and two wounded veterans would be able to participate in the event.

Harry wanted Tom Neil, a 95-year old ex-wing commander and Battle of Britain Hurricane and Spitfire pilot would be able to go along for the flyover. He also wanted to see the two wounded veterans who had won their spot through a scholarship program have a part in the commemoration.

Life as a royal hasn’t always been easy for Harry. He and his older brother William, the heir and the spare, first had to deal with warring parents before losing their mum, Princess Diana, in a car crash 18 years ago. William has found his place marrying Kate Middleton and providing his own heir and spare, while Harry has not quite settled down with anyone yet though there are rumors that his heart still beats for former love Chelsea Davies.

In the meantime, he has balanced his party lifestyle with his life of service. Picking up some of his mum’s favorite charitable endeavors, Harry has also displayed a rugged adventurous side earning praise for his service in the Royal Army.

As he spends his birthday honoring those who served before him, it is facial hair that is causing a buzz across social media. The still very eligible bachelor is making hearts skip a beat just by stepping out on an airfield with his shock of red hair and what appears to be the beginning of a beard. So maybe he is spending his birthday honoring veterans and also giving a little something to the ladies.

What do you think about Prince Harry giving up his seat for a veteran? Are you impressed with how he’s grown up or are you more interested in the sexy side of the dashing prince? Let us know what you think here at Haveuheard.

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