Video: Hayes Grier Dances Foxtrot on Dancing With the Stars – Week 2

By on September 21, 2015
'hayes grier 9/21/15'

Hayes Grier is the youngest male performer on Dancing With the Stars this season but that doesn’t seem to matter since he is doing amazing. The young social media star is getting the love from the audience this season and after tonight’s performance, he will have captured the hearts of mom’s everywhere.

'hayes grier 9/21/15'

Grier is super close with his family but doesn’t get to spend a lot of time with them because he has been in Los Angeles and they live in North Carolina.

For tonight’s Hometown theme with Hayes we went to Mooresville, North Carolina
Hayes’ mom was crying and said she is having a hard time giving Hayes to the world.
Hayes danced the Foxtrot and the judges loved it! Check out their comments below and the video of his performance, as well.

Judges Comments: CarrieAnn: I don’t know if I like the motorbike because you can dance, you don’t need any of that stuff. Julieanne: what you guys have when you dance is so nice to watch. You need to be consistent from the very beginning of the routine to the very end of the routine. Bruno: when I see someone with such potential…you remind me of Tom Cruise in risky business. You have the arms of a ballet dancer. Don’t lean forward because that destroys the dance.
Scores: 22/30

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