Agents of SHIELD Recap 10/13/15 Season 3 Ep. 3 A Wanted (Inhu)man

By on October 13, 2015

They can’t all be winners. A Wanted (Inhu)man is clearly about the inhuman threat facing the public. Inhumans have been outed to society as dangerous aliens with powers. Lincoln is on the run and that can only lead to one contrived place.

But first, Simmons is back! Only Bobbi and Fitz seem to be concerned about her metal stability considering Skye/Daisy doesn’t even visit her until half way through the episode. Fitz can always be counted on to care about everyone.  Simmon’s body is out of whack from being on a different planet and being hunted. Considering Simmons hasn’t had a shower in three months, she is looking good.

May and Hunter continue their hunt for Ward in Massachusetts. Let it be mentioned that May’s eyeliner is fierce as is the rest of her in this episode. This is the return of Melinda May and is a true delight. She pulls off the punk rocker look while Hunter looks like a English chav from the early 2000’s. He meets with an old friend to infiltrate Hydra. This involves an underground fighting ring, naturally. May wants to fight but Hunter argues it would attract unwanted attention. Silly, woman. Don’t you know that you can’t fight!

The media has publicized the Inhuman threat making Lincoln a fugitive. He escapes a bus after being spotted and calls his friend, John, who reveals vaguely dark things about Lincoln that do not really add up to his character thus far. It seems like the show is just making him a suicidal alcoholic this just to make him more interesting and it is not working.

Fitz tries to integrate Simmons back into the lab and everything that she used to love. She’s naturally shellshocked and generally nervous. But she and Fitz are holding hands in every scene! It is adorable and necessary! Fitz takes her back to her room and she gets a visitor. Daisy brings daisies. She tells Jemma that she can call her whatever she wants. If only this went for the rest of the fandom. This female friendship is long overdue. Too bad it’s only one scene.

Lincoln is in his friend’s house for .2 seconds before he turns him into Rosalind’s forces who have been hunting him. Lincoln shocks a metal bat out of John’s hands causing him to have heart failure. He’s not very smart for a doctor. He calls Skye/Daisy for help.

Coulson meets up with Rosalind secretly at the beach and begin to flirt heavily while discussing letting Lincoln go. Phil needs a love interest after his last girlfriend is under the impression that he’s dead. Coulson wants SHIELD to bring Lincoln in instead of Rosalind’s. Instead, they make another deal.

May and Hunter go to an underground boxing match so they can find out where Ward is. Hunter’s contact turns out to be the one he has to fight to infiltrate Hydra. May is itching to fight and she gets her chance in an amazing fight against gross misogyny. Three men corner her at the fighting match and harass her. It’s only been three episodes but it is time for May to take on three dudes twice her size. She dispatches those guys and has time to return to see Hunter still fighting and getting beat to a pulp. Hunter brings out his brass knuckles and delivers the killing blow. So many men accidentally kill people in this episode. May would never be so foolish.

Skye/Daisy locates Lincoln to bring him in. And in one episode it is made clear that this episode was contrived so they could make-out. It’s her job to take in Inhumans and protect them but somehow she has time to be kissing them. Lincoln takes Skye/Daisy up on taking him in, but only if he can work with her only. Unfortunately, Rosalind’s forces come in and take Lincoln away. Mack tells Skye/Daisy that Coulson made a deal allowing this to happen.

Fitz takes Simmons out to a quiet restaurant like a good boyfriend. Fitz kept the reservation for their first date that never happened. He always believed he would find her in the end. Simmons is as choked up as is the entire audience. As much as Simmons says that she likes him, she clearly as PSTD and it is no surprise that she breaks down. Her vulnerability is refreshing and heartbreaking.

Skye/Daisy is betrayed that Coulson let Rosalind take in Lincoln. He did it to protect Skye/Daisy but more than that, he also turned himself in to the opposing forces.

Hunter and May are closer to finding Ward but Rosalind’s forces are no closer to being defined clearly. The most moving part is the turmoil Simmons is facing. But even while she is full of the fear from her trip to a different solar system, she wants to go back. More turmoil makes good television. Forget Inhumans and Hydra. Jemma Simmons should run this show.


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