General Hospital Recap for October 12 to October 16, 2015

By on October 17, 2015
'general hospital recaps'

This week on General Hospital…….Maxie and Dillon make a gruesome discovery; Spinelli returns to town to help Sam and Jake; Elizabeth suspects Hayden is running another con; and Carly and Sonny get hitched!

'general hospital recaps'

Kiki is utterly mortified and annoyed when Nina announces that she intends to redecorate Silas’ apartment. Kiki adamantly proclaims that nothing will be touched. Nina argues she owns the place now. Franco gets between the two and takes Kiki’s side. But that’s not enough and Kiki storms out. Alone Nina confronts Franco, who asks Nina to give Kiki some time before making more changes in her life. Nina’s biggest gripe is having some space to be alone with Franco. She admits she’s only slept with one person in her life: Silas. Franco tells her that he loves her and they head to the bedroom. Unfortunately, Franco’s phone rings. It’s Morgan.

Why is Morgan calling Franco? Because Kiki walked into the Floating Rib to find Morgan arguing with Ava about Avery. She mistakes their argument for flirting and orders a few shots. When Ava tries to get Kiki to stop drinking, Kiki throws her drink on her. And proceeds to break glasses and bottles on the bar, prompting her to get arrested!

Lulu pulls away from Dillon’s passionate kiss. Dillon is on the brink of telling her that Valerie is pregnant with Dante’s baby, but he stops when Lulu defends her life with Dante. Lulu doesn’t think they can be friends and runs out. Meanwhile Jordan sees how upset Valerie is at the station and she mediates between Valerie and Dante. Valerie finally sees that there is nothing between her and Dante and runs to the Haunted Star to commiserate with Dillon.

Lulu returns home where she tells Dante that Dillon kissed her. She apologizes for making his kiss with Valerie such a big deal. Dante reconfirms his love for her.

Sam and Jake hide on the parapet at Wyndemere waiting for Hayden and Nikolas to finish their romance interlude so they can sneak out. However, Sam ends up knocking over Spencer’s favorite gargoyle, alerting Hayden and Nikolas to someone outside. Hayden has a flash of Nikolas threatening her in that room, but before she and Nikolas can talk, they head outside to investigate. They head downstairs allowing Jake to carry Sam off because she broke her ankle.

The next morning Nina arrives at the PCPD to find Franco pestering Nathan to let him see Kiki. Nathan advises him to stand down; Kiki is facing a whole host of charges right now. While Franco tries get through Kiki’s hostile demeanor, Nina asks Nathan for the name of the bartender. She manages to bribe him to drop the charges. Later they take Kiki home where she furtively drinks from a hidden bottle of vodka while Franco and Nina go out to get some food.

At the hospital Carly gets the bad news that Sonny is still too ill to be released, even though she has arranged for his transportation to the best occupational and physical therapy clinic in the country. Meanwhile Sonny lectures Michael and Morgan about taking over the business in his absence. Michael and Morgan defend their actions, but Sonny orders them to stay away.

Dante is thrilled to see his mom and baby brother Leo, but disturbed when Olivia tells him that Julian saw Leo, but bought her story about him being her adopted son “Matteo.” Olivia must be seriously delusional to believe that anyone buys her story. Later she bumps into Alexis at the Metro Court. Alexis looks suspiciously at baby “Matteo” and swipes his forgotten pacifier.

Dante returns to the hospital where Sonny says he needs his help along with Michael and Morgan. With Felix’s help, Sonny convinces Carly to wheel him to the chapel where Carly sees a sign “Wedding in progress” and Dante, Michael and Morgan in tuxes!

Felix tracks Sabrina down to ask her if she is pregnant. Sabrina confesses she is, but she is scared to death to tell Michael. With the memory of Gabriel looming over her, Sabrina worries what might happen to her child. Plus her relationship with Michael is so new; what if he doesn’t want children? Felix assures Sabrina that she will be a great mother and encourages her to talk to Michael.

Later Sabrina joins Michael at Sonny and Carly’s impromptu wedding, thrown together by Maxie. Kristina, Bobbie, Lucas, Lulu and NuJosslyn arrive. Lulu brings Carly a new dress, which is a hundred times better than the one she originally wore. NuJosslyn isn’t as sassy as Old Josslyn, but she does know how to play the recorder. She plays the wedding march as Lucas escorts Carly to a sit opposite of Sonny’s wheelchair. They say their vows and giggle like teenagers when they are pronounced man and wife. Dante gets a phone call in the middle of the wedding and looks pretty upset when he answers.

Dillon and Maxie are on the docks on their way to the Haunted Star to continue shooting Dillon’s movie when Maxie spies something in the water. She screams. It’s a dead body! They call it in and soon Jordan and her team are out on the docks. Jordan pulls a wallet from the badly decomposed body. It’s Carlos! Or is it…

Valerie confronts Nathan at the station for jumping to conclusions about her maybe-baby. Nathan apologizes, but later when Maxie and Dillon arrive to give their statements, Maxie questions Valerie about the baby. Valerie snaps at her, declaring that she never slept with Dillon and it’s not even her pregnancy test!

Speaking of pregnancy, Sabrina nearly keels over when Dante tells the entire wedding party that Carlos is dead. While Sabrina grieves, Carly wonders if Morgan shot Carlos. Sonny realizes that Morgan did not, but probably wishes he did.

Anna heads to the Jerome Art Gallery to confront Ava. Anna knows Carlos did not shoot Sonny, so why did Ava tell everyone that he did? Before Ava can answer, Anna gets a call from Paul, who is now at the docks. He asks her to come over. When Anna arrives, Paul quickly tells her that Carlos is dead, apparently shot at close range.

At General Hospital Nikolas brings Hayden to see Patrick about her memory loss. He stops by the chapel where he finds Lulu thanking God. She got the all clear to get pregnant! Nikolas is happy for her, but Lulu is worried about him. When she expresses her concern about Hayden living with Nikolas, Nikolas admits that he doesn’t want Hayden to regain her memory. He likes this softer, kinder version. She was pretty awful before.

Meanwhile Elizabeth assists Patrick during Hayden’s exam. Patrick announces that there is no medical reason why Hayden hasn’t regained her memory, so he suggests she see Kevin, the psychologist. Hayden balks at getting hypnotized, leading Elizabeth to furtively accuse of her faking her amnesia. Hayden denies everything, but Elizabeth continues to rip into her until Nikolas arrives to take Hayden home.

Maxie and Nathan are having dinner when she tries to get him to reveal his big secret. Nathan refuses, even when Maxie reveals that Dillon is still in love with Lulu and kissed her. Nathan gets Maxie to see that they should stay out of everyone’s craziness and relish their own happiness.

At the PCPD Dante confronts Dillon about his kiss with Lulu. Dillon is unapologetic; he reveals he knows about Dante’s night with Valerie. Dante defends his actions and asks why Dillon hasn’t told Lulu yet. Dillon says he cares about Lulu and Valerie, so he won’t say anything for now. Later Lulu practically skips into the PCPD to tell Dante that they can get pregnant ASAP!

Sam arrives at Elizabeth’s house to tell Jake that Spinelli should be there any minute to help them break the encryption on Nikolas’s files. Sure enough Spinelli arrives. After waxing poetic about Jason, he breaks into Nikolas’ files and searches for Jake’s name. Spinelli finds something quickly: an email where Nikolas mentions running Jake’s DNA against someone else’s. Of course Sam wants to break into the lab or at least hack into the lab records to find out more. Spinelli balks, but finally relents. Jake wants action; he jumps up and storms out the door, ready to confront Nikolas, leaving both Sam and Spinelli speechless in his wake. They turn to each other and admit that Jake—just now—reminded them of Jason.

Hayden and Nikolas return to Spoon Island where Hayden announces that she should get a job. She wants to feel normal, like a production member of society. Nikolas offers her a job at ELQ, which makes Hayden extremely happy. When Nikolas goes to answer the door, Hayden grabs her cell phone to call someone. She’s in! Meanwhile Jake strides into the mansion, grabs Nikolas and demands to know who he is!

Sabrina is crying over Carlos when Michael and Tracy arrive –separately—with flowers. Michael gets a call from Jordan, who asks him to come in to talk about Carlos, leaving Sabrina to burst into tears. Tracy correctly guesses that Sabrina is pregnant and urges her to tell Michael. Naturally Tracy is thrilled that another Quartermaine will come into the world. However, Sabrina thinks about the last night she saw Carlos—and how he kissed her. Hm, is this his baby or Michael’s?

Anna comes into the station at Jordan’s request. Jordan reveals that the body in the harbor has been positively identified as Carlos and that he was shot two weeks ago. Jordan goes to talk to Michael, on the suspicion that someone shot Carlos in retaliation for Sonny’s shooting, but Paul hints to Anna that maybe someone else had motive to kill Carlos…say, revenge for Duke’s death? Irked Anna heads to the hospital to ask Patrick for some meds, but Patrick suggests she get a counseling appointment with Kevin instead.

What do you think, GH fans? Is that really Carlos’ body in the docks? Will Nikolas confess that Jake is really Jason? And what is Hayden up to?

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