Minority Report Recap 10/19/15 Season 1 Episode 5 “The Present”

By on October 19, 2015
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Minority Report was intense last week as we saw Dash shortly fall in love with Fredi, which causes him to almost allow the murder from his vision to happen. Luckily Vega arrived in time to arrest Bello.

Each episode has included a murder vision about to happen, with Vega and Dash always able to stop it. However, they both almost allowed Bello and Fredi to get in a altercation with Fredi even having a gun.

So far in Minority Report, we’ve seen the story of each case become more and more complex. Vega and Dash learn more in depth about the people involved, and the past few episodes they learn the truth behind many of the characters they’ve initially meet.

Even though Minority Report may not have the best lines, acting performances, and plot flow that successful crime shows have, the story in each episode has been a positive due to the thrilling and unexpected discoveries.

Agatha’s the only character not in Washington D.C right now, has a plan to stop what she sees in the future, a frightening vision of all them returning in the milk bath under Vega’s supervision.
By using Charlie and manipulating him, she has information that the milk bath schematic may be under construction.

It is hard to see if Agatha is a good or bad character at the moment. She seems to justify her behavior in order to save them, but it is definitely not right the way she used Charlie. Arthur is still skeptical of Vega and if he would to find out this information from Agatha, there could be another confrontation with him and Dash regarding her.

In tonight’s episode, Dash and Vega figure out Vega is the victim in Dash’s vision, and they join forces with someone who played a giant part in the death of Vega’s father. Arthur delves into his and his siblings’ memories.

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