Minority Report Recap 10/5/15 Season 1 Episode 3 “Hawk-Eye”

By on October 5, 2015
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After stopping another murder last week, what will Dash and Vega find themselves in tonight’s episode, “Hawk-Eye”?

Dash and Vega working together undercover to stop future murders, has been going great so far them in this first season of Minority Report.

However, there is growing suspicions from the detective team, regarding Vega’s continuous absence at work, as they don’t know about Dash. Her boss Lieutenant Will Blake is getting real close to finding out, which could lead to potential outcomes.

Dash likes working with Vega because he is stopping the horrible visions he sees, especially with the help of his former caretaker, Wally.

However, Dash he faces a struggle with his twin brother and older sister, Arthur and Agatha, who both do not like his continued involvement with Vega. They fear she will reveal his true identity to the police, and they will be forced to work as PreCogs under the former PreCrime program methods.

The ending of last week’s episode makes this fear more probable, as Agatha sees a vision of all them laying in the milk bath, with detective Vega overseeing them.


A man named Mark is driving his car fast and reckless on a highway with his wife, Lena and get notified by the D.C. police hawkeye program, which has flagged him for his driving.

At the FBI station, Vega and the department are hearing from Blake and Chief about the new Hawkeye program, which will use technology to flag people who perform unusual patterns and behaviors.

Vega is upset about this program because it may give wrong assumptions. Blake talks with her, saying he knows about an informant helping her with the past murders she stopped, just doesn’t know it is Dash. He wants her to become an analyst for Hawkeye program, but she is not interested as she just wants to stay detective.

Dash has a bike race with Arthur in the woods. After they talk about Vega, and Arthur warns Dash about his involvement. Dash then has a vision of Mark killing a man by stomping on him after a fight. Arthur says the name is Mr. Maccero.

Dash and Vega view the vision at Wally’s house. After researching with the help of Akeela, they find Mark Messaro is a wealthy owner of a technology company, Narciss. The man who is seen dying is Trevor Maloney, a fitness instructor.

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