David Justice Accuses Halle Berry of Lying About Abusing Her – Slams Her to Oliver Martinez

By on November 3, 2015

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have just filed for divorce and it is already getting nasty. Not between the couple, but between Halle and her ex husband, baseball player, David Justice.

'david justice denies beating berry'

Justice is using the divorce as an opportunity to give Olivier some helpful advice, beginning with a warning to watch out, because it’s coming. In a twitter rant that has since gone viral, Justice said,

“Just wait,Olivier..It’s coming! She insinuated that her daughter wasn’t safe around Gabriel..look it up and see the reason!” He continued, “It just makes me mad to still see the same lie being perpetuated about the source of her abuse being me. Never happened!#formerboyfriend.”

Justice was referring to Berry’s ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry and the custody battle that ensued between them over their 7-year-old daughter Nahla.

Justice is just trying to set the record straight. It’s been years, but apparently he wants to make sure everyone knows that Berry was angry at him for dumping her and she sought revenge by trying to destroy his character.

The rumor that Justice was the ex who beat Halle has stayed with him for years. Justice continued on his rant later on saying,

“The kids in my community,coaching baseball,football and basketball.Say what you want about me because I’m far from perfect,but don’t say that I hit Halle. My mom didn’t raise me that way. Now,I’ll go back into my little small place on this earth and be quiet….Peace!???

Justice was finally able to move on when Halle apparently agreed that he was not the one who beat her. He took to twitter to thank her saying,

“I just want to thank Halle for finally squashing all of the rumors in the past,that I had physically abused her,causing the hearing loss.”

Do you think he has a right to be angry all these years later or do you think he should have just remained silent and moved on??

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