Long-Running E! Show “The Soup” Has Been Cancelled!

By on November 18, 2015

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“The Soup” will be no longer by the end of the year, according to Entertainment Weekly or ew.com. The finale will air on December 18th, 2015 after twenty-two seasons. Joel McHale has been the host of the satirical pop culture show for twelve years now and is the one of the major reasons why E! continued to grow and make a name for itself. It also helped him land roles on such television shows as “Community,” making him a household name. Originally called “Talk Soup,” it was hard to find a replacement when John Henson left. Aisha Tyler, relatively unknown at the time, took over but not for long. Greg Kinnear started the show in 1991 then was followed by Henson, Hal Sparks and Tyler. In 2002, the show went off into oblivion and then, in 2004, the show came back with a force named Joel McHale who knew how to make fun of celebrities in all the right ways. He was even able to get reality stars to come on the show to aid in mocking themselves, which was always awesome and fabulously entertaining.

A statement was released about the ending of the show by Jeff Olde, E! EVP of Programming and Development which said this: “We are incredibly proud of the long-running success of The Soup. The Soup has delivered countless laughs and unforgettable episodes, and we are grateful to the talented team’s fearless wit and clever approach week after week. Joel took the show to new heights for more than a decade, and his irreverent humor and unique brand of comedy as captured so perfectly on The Soup will be missed.” I grew up with this show and was so devastated when John Henson left the show but was elated at seeing Joel McHale come and take over. The name of the show did change but it was really reflective of the show’s evolution. The fact that Eminem, Anderson Cooper, Norman Reedus from “The Walking Dead” and Tyra Banks stopped by shows the power and we will for sure miss McHale and the show.

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