Nashville Recap 11/11/15 – Season 4 Ep. 7 ‘Can’t Get Used to Losing You’

By on November 12, 2015
'nashville tv recap 11/11/15'

Nashville returns after a two week hiatus where it left off – with Jeff falling off the side of a building. In an attempt to save Juliette, Jeff ended up falling off a building. Right after being promoted to the CEO of Luke’s music label, Jeff is dead. Leaving questions – a lot of questions.

'nashville tv recap 11/11/15'

The morning after Jeff’s death, Juliette has no recollection of being on the roof the night before, a fact she angrily reminds anyone who asks. This includes the police, Luke and Gabriella. This is a problem since Colt was also on the roof and swears he saw everything that happened between the very out of it Juliette and her manager. Colt was also very drunk at the time – so was he seeing things correctly?

Meanwhile, Layla meets Jeff’s bitchy sister, Kate, who tells her, “My brother never mentioned your name,” of and by the way – Layla isn’t she’s not welcome at the funeral. Why so mean Kate? What would be the big deal if Layla was at the funeral?

Meanwhile, back in Nashville, Wheelin’ Dealin’ Records prepares tributes to Jeff for the beginning of that night’s show. But even then, Juliette is under the impression that she spend the night in her hotel room — and even nastily turns down Layla’s request that Juliette use her star power to reach out to Jeff’s family on her behalf. Instead Juliette advises Layla, “The best way for you to get over him is to pretend that they two of you never happened.” Is that Juliette speaking about Avery?

Juliette remembers what happened between her and Jeff after Colt storms into Juliette’s dressing room, demanding that she admit what really happened. The singer gets so upset she fumbles throughout the tribute to Jeff and then locks herself in her dressing room right before her set. Layla seizes the opportunity to go out and do an acoustic set in honor of Jeff, singing a teary ballad.

Juliette finds Luke and confesses what she now remembers: “I tried to kill myself. Jeff died trying to save me.” We later see Gabriella checking Juliette into rehab in the middle of the night. “Are you ready?” the rep asks Juliette and she responds with a “no,” as she walks into the facility.

Another story line this week was Deacon being part owner in a bar. Not a good idea for a former alcoholic.
While it is a tribute to his late sister – it still isn’t a good idea. Eventually, Rayna flat-out tells Deacon that she thinks it’s a bad idea for him to enter into a business partnership that puts him within arms’ reach of liquor at all times. He counters that he would never waste Beverly’s ultimate gift by drinking. Rayna later comes to the bar and apologizes, saying that she believes in Deacon. “Nothing’s ever gonna keep me away from you. If this is what you want, I’m going to do everything I can to support you.”

Looking for a new start, Scarlett cuts off all her hair and decides last-minute that she’s going to tour with Gunnar. Caleb seems resigned to Scarlett’s busy life. Gunnar gets Erin, the girl he is having sex with a gig as the tour’s sound tech, all the final details are in place.

Finally, Will is busy the whole episode crying over Kevin and Avery is busy feeling bad that his marriage is ending. When the two commiserate late one night, Will’s friendship completely breaks Avery, who starts sobbing at the table.

And there you have it….next week on the last episode before the holiday episodes take place, Rayna wants to turn down Sony’s contract offer for Maddie to be a solo artist and finds her family life distracting her from her work with Markus. Luke is desperate to regain Colt’s trust; Gunnar’s girlfriend, Erin, causes issues on tour with Scarlett and Avery scrambles to make money doing jingles.

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