Social Media Stars Are Paid to Sell Products – So Are Talk Shows and Many More – Find Out How it Works

By on November 3, 2015

Social Media star, Essena O’Neill went ahead and broke the internet. It wasn’t because of something she posted to her almost million fans, it was the fact she deleted more than 2,000 Instagram photos and released her final YouTube Video explaining “Social Media is Not Real Life.”

'pay to play'

And there you have it folks…..the truth. Unless you work in media, are a blogger or just happen to know how it all works, you may not have known that with very few exceptions, almost every social media post is a paid opportunity for your favorite celebrity/blogger. Those posts showing off Kylie Jenner displaying her go to beauty product….paid. It isn’t just social media, when you hear Demi Lovato taking a stand on depression….she has been paid, it is called a campaign for a reason (Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health was the campaign) and sadly it doesn’t end there. Did you know on the morning talk shows those amazing products they speak about have frequently paid to be there – not all the time, but even if it is once, the water has been muddied and you will never know what skin care product is the best and which one paid to appear on the show.

Outside of the obvious ads on television with Jennifer Aniston selling water, the opportunities to get paid are there. Here are just a few examples of paid opportunities you had no idea were lining the pockets of your favorite celebs:

  • The Red Carpet – when you see a celebrity show up on the red carpet for an event – there is a chance they were paid to walk the red carpet.  Before you begin to question everything you ever knew about those award show red carpet events we live for – those are not paid.
  • Product Release Event – your favorite celebrity most likely was paid to show up, greet the guests and show their love for the product.
  • Morning Television – the bigger shows don’t do this, but there have been instances when all you need to do is pay to get on television and speak about your newest product.
  • Exclusive Events – some celebrities are paid to attend – even if it’s only for a few minutes.
  • Sporting Events – when your favorite tennis player is wearing those cute outfits with a logo on it, they were paid. This is called a sponsorship – what many athletes dream about.

O’Neill revealed to millions of her teen fans what many of us already knew – she was paid for many of her “looks.” The fact that she is gorgeous and looks like a model helped the 18-year-old Australian to live what appeared to be a “perfect” life. But looks can be deceiving and she couldn’t take one more minute of the false appearance. She finally took a stand against the ideals social media presents and revealed the truth to her followers. She posted a YouTube video explaining her decision after deleting 2,000 Instagram photos last week and renaming her account to “Social Media Is Not Real Life.” She even edited the captions on photos she kept to reflect the truth of what happened “behind” the image and revealed the fact that it took hours to get that “candid” photo.

So the next time you are watching your favorite morning show, looking at your favorite bloggers Instagram account and drooling over their “opportunities,” the events they attend or their clothes – remember there is a very good chance they were paid. They were dressed or even had their home decorated and are happy to tell you all about it. While bloggers are required by law to tell you they are being paid to show you their latest toy or shirt and most do, celebrities and talk shows do not always give you a disclaimer.

What do you think about your favorite celebrities selling products without you, your teen or your child knowing? Is this just the way of the world or do you think we should be made aware of it? I will admit until recently I had no idea of the concept of paying for a product to appear on a television show. I too ran out and bought the product.

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  1. MakeupVixen

    November 3, 2015 at 11:05 am

    So. I mean I’m a social media person. I am sent product to review or I purchase them with my own money. I am honest with my reviews and posts buy telling people I got it sent to me. If a product stinks or doesn’t work then I am honest and tell my audience look this mess smells like poop. Companies know I am brutally honest and both the comapnies and my audience appreciate my HONEST reviews. her deleting crap just shows that she wasn’t being honest to begin with, she had no integrity and now all of a sudden she had a change of heart. Be honest to begin with and you wont have that problem, case closed.

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