The Voice Season 9 Recap 11/16/15- The Top 12 Perform

By on November 16, 2015

The Voice is down to the Top 12 performers and all twelve of them will perform tonight, November 16, 2015 where they will sing live in front of the four coaches; Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams for America’s vote.

'the voice top 12 perform 11/16/15'

For the first week of The Voice Finals we will see the Top 12 perform and two of the finalists will be eliminated tomorrow. See what the members of Team Pharrell Williams, Team Gwen Stefani, Team Blake Shelton and Team Adam Levine are singing below:

Team Pharrell

Evan McKeel
Song: This is It by Kenny Loggins
Judges’ Comments: Gwen said “it was so good” and “your voice and that song… it was really good.” Pharrell asked Evan how he felt, and then said that when you stick with who you are and you share that with the world, people feel it.

Mark Hood
Song: Against all Odds by Phil Collins
Judges’ Comments: Gwen kicked things off, saying she loved seeing this new and sensitive side of Mark, while Adam said he thinks people can learn a lot from Mark and he can feel that Mark wants this “almost more than anybody.”

Madi Davis
Song: Who Will Save Your Soul by Jewel
Judges’ Comments: Gwen kicked it off saying it was “awesome” to see Madi show another side of herself tonight, while Blake said that by “changing the focus a little bit it’s all new again.” Pharrell pointed out that Madi is only 16 years old

Team Gwen

Braiden Sunshine
Song: Renegade by Styx
Judges’ Comments: Adam said he is “a great kid and a really talented dude,” while Blake said he would love to see him do a country song. Gwen wrapped it up saying that she loved the performance and she feels really lucky to have Braiden on her team.

Korin Bukowski
Song: Titanium by David Guetta w/ Sia
Judges’ Comments: Blake said this is one of the most difficult to songs to sing, and Korin nailed it. He also told her she should stay the way she is, because her unassuming nature is part of what makes her so amazing. Pharrell asked her how she felt with her performance and said it was “really cool to see her live the moment for herself.” Gwen said she feels blessed to be a part of Korin’s journey and she “nailed the vocals.”

Jeffery Austin
Song: Let it Go by James Bay
Judges’ Comments: Adam batted first, saying we’ve seen a lot of growth from Jeffery, and he’s what the show dreams of – starting with a good singer and turning them into a star. Blake said Jeffery’s voice is “strong” and his pitch is “perfect,” wrapping it up by saying he could win the whole thing.

Team Blake

Barrett Baber
Song: Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx
Judges’ Comments: Adam declared that he loves watching Barrett sing, while Blake said that what comes out of Barrett is “real” and “passionate.”

Emily Ann Roberts
Song: Blame it on Your Heart by Patty Loveless
Judges’ Comments: Gwen started things with Emily Ann saying although she’s never heard that song before she really enjoyed it, while Adam said that he feels Emily Ann has grown up before our eyes. Blake wrapped it up by calling Emily Ann “sis” and saying that he feels she’s gaining confidence in herself on stage.

Zach Seabaugh
Song: My Love by Easton Corbin
Judges’ Comments: Pharrell said it’s “crazy” that Zach is only 17 years old, while Gwen said that she thought he was “so natural” throughout the entire performance, and he seemed like a seasoned professional. Adam commented that last week was “such a breakout thing,” and while he wanted to see more of it this was more subdued and he “thought it was awesome.” Blake wrapped it up by saying that he doesn’t know that he’s ever had anybody on this show like Zach – he could walk off the stage right now and onto a tour bus and go headline a tour.

Team Adam

Amy Vachal
Song: Hotline Bling by Drake
Judges’ Comments: Blake said there has never been “a more classy and elegant performance of a song about a booty call,” while Pharrell said it was amazing. Gwen said Amy is “an amazing artist,” and she thought it was a “gorgeous” performance. Adam wrapped it up saying that Amy took a risk and did something bold, and she created an entirely new version of a great song and he loved it.

Jordan Smith
Song: Great is Thy Faithfulness
Judges’ Comments: Pharrell said everyone watching needs to go to iTunes right now to buy the song, while Adam said that Jordan can remind people that there’s “a lot of hope” in the world.

Shelby Brown
Song: In Color by Jamey Johnson
Judges’ Comments: Blake pointed out one little error in her performance, but said that her voice is so incredible that it didn’t even matter. Adam followed up on that, saying that not only did she recover from that mistake, but she recovered with one of the most powerful notes she’s ever sung.

And that is that! Be sure to cast your votes and be sure to tune in tomorrow to see who is moving on and who is heading home.

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