“Teen Mom OG” Star Farrah Abraham Adopting A Baby- Get the Details

By on December 22, 2015


Farrah Abraham has made some questionable choices in her life. She’s done porn, had multiple plastic surgeries, waxed her daughter’s eyebrows when she was just a toddler and now, she is attempting to become a saint. After allegedly getting into an altercation with one of the crew members during the new season of “Teen Mom OG, “ debuting January 4th, Abraham has announced that she is taking a major step in her life. The single mother of daughter Sophia, 6 is making it known in the trailers for the new season that she is planning on adopting a baby. This comes on the heels of MTV’s Audrina Patridge announcing her pregnancy as well as Chelsea Clinton. Abraham, 24, whose baby daddy was killed in a car accident prior to Sophia’s birth spoke to US Weekly and had this to say: “I’m happy to confirm I’m moving forward in my adoption process. This means I will be making some changes in my career to welcome a new addition to my family. Very excited and this feels so right. I’m very blessed for this opportunity.” By no means is Abraham going to win mother of the year, again as seen in the clips for TMOG, when she is speaking to Sophia: “Sometimes you’re immature, and you’re selfish, and you don’t think about other people but yourself.” Introspective much?

The fact that she would be allowed to adopt a child after her antics seen on television and on other reality shows, is insane to me and after seeing what type of mother she is to Sophia, I do question how this is going to work. Apparently, Abraham has the full support of Sophia as she explained that this is the perfect time for her to become a big sister: “Sophia is in the right frame of mind and is very supportive as well. She is very open and accepting to understanding that someone else had other parents, and we would be their second parent and be a loving family to them.” She makes it sound so easy and if this goes as planned, it will show how off our adoption system is. In any case, we do wish Farrah and Sophia all the best as they expand their family but there is still the question if Farrah has chosen to stay on “Teen Mom.” It looks like she only made it through a few episodes but we will just have to wait and see. The only mother from the original cast to not have a second child is Amber Portwood, who is engaged to a man who reportedly has multiple children. We will keep you updated on that.

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