Agents of SHIELD Recap Season 3 Episode 15 “Spacetime” 4/5/2016

By on April 5, 2016

For a supposedly important episode, Agents of SHIELD this week is surprisingly filler. Many new characters arrive just to be dispatched. The real protagonists seem to be the alleged villains, Hydra. They are the ones that move the plot forward while everyone else reacts. It is easy to identify with the more interesting characters.

The episode opens with minor character Edwin Abbot asks for SkyeDaisy by name. The SHIELD team assembles. Charles the homeless man made Edwin see a vision. He knows that Hydra is coming. Low and behold he is right. Hydra starts firing on them right on the street. It turns out that Charles made Edwin see his own death. He is shot and Hydra flies away. They abduct Charles the homeless man. SkyeDaisy tries to save him. When she touches him she sees a vision. She sees Coulson shooting her and Charles dying.

To stop the vision from coming true the team decides to keep SkyeDaisy at the base and send May to save Charles instead. SkyeDaisy will instruct May in the exact way the vision happens so she can anticipate moves and save Charles’ life. SHIELD finds the Transia Corporation where Charles is being held.

Andrew returns! He walks into SHIELD and surrenders. Lash, his Inhuman persona, is taking over. When he turns for the last time he will never be able to turn back to his human form. He has come to say goodbye. This puts a definite kink in the plan to save Charles. Jemma thinks that she can use the vaccine from Creel’s blood to stop his transformation.

May has to stay with Andrew for some weird reason which means SkyeDaisy has to be the one to save Charles after all. Coulson calls her Skye again which is something that should be implemented more often. It is still a mystery why she would want to keep the name that her homicidal mother gave her.

While the team is looking on the security cameras, they see HiveWard for the first time. Coulson goes in to save SkyeDaisy.

May stays with Andrew through his vaccination and eventual transformation. May stays with him until the end. Andrew transforms into Lash.

Back with Hydra, HiveWard and Malick are waiting on by pretty ladies in gowns for some reason. Is this what evil men do? Probably. Malick tells HiveWard that they are supposed to take over the world together. Malick wants power above all else.

Hydra uses Charles to broker a deal with Transia Corp. Hydra wants to buy the company for tech that they have. Charles touches the CEO who sees HiveWard sucking the people dry. The CEO agrees to sell the company to them. Even when he agrees, HiveWard still sucks the rest of the businessmen dry.

Malick uncovers the tech they were hiding. It is a metal exoskeleton with crushing powers. He puts the exoskeleton on. This is the type of power he so desires from the Inhumans. HiveWard encourages Malick to crush the CEO. That is exactly what Coulson did to Ward when he killed him. Malick crushes the CEO’s face.

Coulson comes in just the knick of time to save SkyeDaisy as she enters Transia. He doesn’t shoot her but her reflection in the mirror to kill the people behind it. SkyeDaisy’s vision is coming true, but not in the way she expected.

HiveWard gives the order to only kill people if they’re human. That means no matter what SkyeDaisy is going to be spared. Convenient. Malick fights SkyeDaisy, somehow besting her even with her Inhuman powers. He beats her to a pulp. Just as he’s about to deliver the killing blow, Charles comes and saves SkyeDaisy. This gives SkyeDaisy the chance to blow him away with her quake powers. Charles finally saved someone, despite his powers. He saved SkyeDaisy.

Simmons changes her mind about things being inevitable. HiveWard gets away. Andrew seems to be lost forever. Malick seems to be brought down for now, bringing HiveWard to the forefront. All is left is for him and SkyeDaisy to meet. Two former lovers with new names.

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