Caitlyn Jenner Named Barbara Walters Most Fascinating Person of 2015!

By on December 18, 2015

'kaitlyn jenner at the espy awards'

Last year, viewers were shocked when Barbara Walters named George Clooney’s then new-wife Amal the most fascinating person of 2014. That meant that the possibilities for this year’s winner could be anyone and I truly believe that Walters broke the mold with the shows choice: Caitlyn Jenner. The former Olympic athlete announced early this year to Diane Sawyer that he was transitioning from a man to a woman and the change would be relatively soon. Bruce became Caitlyn just a few short months later and showed off his female side of Caitlyn in a racy “Vanity Fair” spread. She then went on to have her own E! docu-series “I Am Cait,” which took viewers on a journey as she began to live life as a woman and all the trials and tribulations that went along with it. From dealing with ex-wife Kris Jenner to her six biological children and four step-children, it has been a total learning experience for Caitlyn, who waited sixty-five years to become the woman that she had always wanted to be. So, why choose her? “Our choice for the most fascinating person of the year was once called the world’s greatest athlete. Traditionally, that title was given to the man who won the Olympic decathlon. When Bruce Jenner won it in 1976, it was a huge accomplishment. It had everybody talking. But it was nothing like this.

“When Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner, there was a seismic shift in the gender universe,” Barbara Walters explained before the reveal. There was then a montage of Jenner’s life and how she got to where she is today as Jenner was not interviewed but they did show the moment where Jenner spoke at the Glamour’s Women of the Year awards. “For years and years, I never felt like I fit it anywhere. I always felt as an outsider. I never felt good in the male side, and I wasn’t, obviously, in the female side. I was kind of stuck in the middle. Maybe this is why god put me on this Earth, to tell my story, to be authentic to myself about who I am, and maybe, in doing that, maybe you can make a difference in the world. What a great opportunity in life to have.” At the end of the segment, Walters kept it short and sweet: “Famous and familiar, she raised awareness and acceptance of transgendered people. Through her own transformation, Caitlyn Jenner transformed society this year, and that, for us, makes her the most fascinating person of 2015.” What do you think of this decision? I feel that it is a great and inspiring way to kick off 2016!

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