General Hospital Recap for July 27 to July 31, 2015 – Luke Leaves, Silas is in Danger

By on August 1, 2015

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This week on General Hospital Luke says farewell; Morgan and Ava are caught in a compromising position; Nina returns to Shadybrook; and someone is out to get Silas.

'general hospital recaps'

Sonny is at the docks overseeing shipments when his guards approach with Luke. They caught this guy loitering. Luke reveals he is leaving Port Charles tonight via boat for parts unknown. They discuss Luke’s desire for a new life and their decades-long friendship. Lulu arrives, breathless. She says that Laura told her where Luke would be. She says good-bye and Luke gives her a letter marked “Angel” to give to Laura. Luke bids Sonny another farewell and walks into the fog, thereby cementing the most anti-climactic, no fuss, super lame departure of iconic characters. Four words: Where were the flashbacks?

At the Floating Rib Morgan and Dillon get reacquainted. They discuss Lulu, Dante, and Dillon’s script. Meanwhile Kiki begs “Aunt Denise” to let her in while Ava begs Franco to keep her tryst with Morgan a secret. Franco agrees only after Ava promises to devote all her resources to helping him win Nina back.

Nathan arrives at the Metro Court to visit Nina where he finds Avery’s blanket, conveniently left out by Ric. Nathan begs Nina to come into the station with him, but Ric insists that it’s a trick. He is the only one that Nina can trust!

At the Haunted Star Dante delivers flowers to Lulu, who is working hard to get past Dante and Valerie’s kiss. She is thankful that they didn’t sleep together. Dante suppresses his guilt as he vows to work on their marriage.

At the Metro Court Madeline grills Maxie about her relationship with Nathan, specifically if Maxie is good enough for him. Maxie quips that she is as genteel as they come, but as soon as she sees Valerie, she spews a couple of profanities. When Valerie approaches, Maxie is super nice, but Madeline breaks that veneer by tattling on Maxie. Oopsy!

The next morning Madeline checks on Ric, who says their plan is going so well! Little does he know that Ava has invited Nina over for some girl chat. “Denise” manages to convince Nina to divorce Ric while waxing poetic about Morgan, so Nina runs home and exuberantly announces that she wants a divorce!

Nathan stops by Jordan’s office to tell her that he found Avery’s blanket in Nina’s hotel suite, and Ric refused to give it to him. Nathan strongly suspects that Ric is framing Nina—which is totally true as Ric prepares to burn the baby blanket to further implicate Nina.

At the docks Dante pays an informant for any information about the shots fired at Sonny’s warehouse. The informant runs off as Valerie enters with donuts. Dante thinks she is flirting with him, but Valerie explains that she knows a few cops are down here. She came as a friend. Besides, she has a date with Dillon, so she is moving on. Take that!

Dillon stops by the Haunted Star to ask Lulu to read another draft of his screenplay. Lulu bursts into tears as she reveals that Luke left town and she and Dante are trying to repair their marriage. Dillon announces that he asked Valerie on a date, but he won’t go if Lulu is not okay with it. Lulu dries her eyes and reluctantly says it’s fine.

Kiki leaves her place for a bachelorette party in the Hamptons. As soon as she leaves, Franco arrives threatening Morgan. He brandishes his knife when Morgan reminds Franco that Sonny could have him killed, but he didn’t out of respect for Kiki. Franco warns Morgan not to fool around with Denise again or he will come after him.

Silas is upset when he realizes how much Nina is suffering, believing that she took Avery. He is about to do something about that when Kiki arrives to say good-bye. She asks him again to get to know Denise as Silas uncomfortably agrees. Silas heads to Scott’s office to—presumably—turn himself in for Avery’s kidnapping, but he finds Franco there instead. Franco reveals that he knows Silas kidnapped Avery—and is letting Nina believe that she did it. Silas admits he feels badly and wants to make it up to Nina, but when he learns that Morgan and Ava can’t stay away from each other, he storms out.

Meanwhile Morgan appears on Denise’s doorstep, upset that she told Franco about them. Denise assures him that Franco will keep their secret and reiterates that she doesn’t want to hurt Kiki. Morgan doesn’t either, but soon they are tearing each other’s clothes off and heading to Denise’s room. Unfortunately, they left the door open—and Silas walks in! Livid Silas rips into Denise and Morgan. When Denise asks him to not tell Kiki, Silas refuses. He returns to his apartment where he leaves a message for Kiki, asking her to call him. He has something to tell her!

Ric is not thrilled when Nina announces she wants a divorce. As Nina babbles how she wants to be friends, and this is the best decision for them since they don’t really love each other, Ric thinks quickly. He says if they stay married then he can’t testify against her, should she be arrested of Avery’s kidnapping. He then plays the crying baby app, which freaks Nina out.

Patrick is attempting to get romantic with Sam in bed, but Sam is too busy thinking of Jake. Say what now? Sam explains she means little Jake who is Danny’s half-brother. She asks Patrick to convince Elizabeth to let the boys become friends. Patrick is reluctant until Sam tells him how Elizabeth—in a fit of jealousy—tampered with Danny’s paternity test. When Patrick hears that, he agrees to talk to Elizabeth.

At Elizabeth’s house Elizabeth and Jake discuss little Jake and how Carly must be feeling. Michael and Monica arrive to finally meet little Jake. Monica is moved to tears seeing Jake. Michael and big Jake begin to talk about Hayden, and how she knew Jake’s real identity. And maybe Nikolas knows too since they were involved. Ding, ding, ding! Give the man a prize!

Laura sees Carly and Sonny planning their wedding at the Metro Court. She approaches them to talk about Luke and little Jake. When Carly says it’s too bad Jason didn’t live to see his son’s return and how well big Jake gets along with little Jake, Laura turns pale. After she leaves, Carly can’t help but mention Laura’s odd behavior to Sonny. But before they can talk more about that, one of Sonny’s men arrives to announce they were attacked!

Laura heads to Elizabeth’s house where she gently questions Jake about his past life. Jake is enjoying his current life so doesn’t feel a need to really remember his old one. Talking to Jake rattles Laura. Patrick arrives to ask Elizabeth to allow Jake to spend time with Danny. She reluctantly agrees when Laura begs her not to make the same mistake she made with hiding Nikolas from Lucky. Later after Patrick and Jake leave, Laura turns her accusing eyes to Elizabeth. She knows that Jake is really Jason! Elizabeth tries to deny it, and then she tries to justify it. She says if Laura tells the truth, then Nikolas will be sent to jail. He was the one behind Hayden’s shooting! Laura shakes her head. She wants to confront Nikolas!

Franco heads to Nina’s suite and pounds on the door. When no one answers, he knocks down the door to find the room empty. As he turns to do, he finds Madeline lurking nearby. Madeline explains she is trying to help Nina, but Franco insists that the only help Nina needs is him. Meanwhile Ric and Nina arrive at Shadybrook where Nina is absolutely heartbroken to be committed again. Ric insists this is forher own good and convinces her to sign commitment papers. Later Franco arrives like a knight in shining armor. He and Nina practically fall into each other’s arms, admitting that they still love each other. Franco wants to help Nina, so he tells her that she didn’t kidnap Avery—Silas did. Furious Nina assumes that once again Silas has chosen Ava over her, so she storms out.

Scotty has summoned Nikolas to his office where they play a game of cat and mouse. Scotty reveals that his hunch that Lucky left town suddenly because he learned a secret, something to do with Jake. And Laura knows it too. Would Nikolas know anything about this? Nikolas dances around the subject and leaves. He later bumps into Michael at the Metro Court where Michael claims he will find a way to oust Nikolas out of ELQ. Nikolas is smug. He actually laughs at Michael and heads to Elizabeth’s where Laura is eager to confront him about Jason.

Back at the Jerome penthouse Morgan asks Denise if Silas will keep their tryst a secret from Kiki. Denise shakes her head. She says Silas is too angry. Upset Morgan storms out and we see him later at the Metro Court Bar, drinking and looking very rattled. He snaps at Michael when Michael approaches him. Later we also see Ava trying to come up with a plan to keep Silas quiet. She heads out, only to return, shaken and fixes herself a drink.

At the hospital Patrick tells Sam that Elizabeth agreed to let Jake spend time with Danny. Sam is happy when she bumps into Jake, who tells her that he suspects that Nikolas may have a clue to his real identity. Sam worries that Jake may be right. After all, Nikolas has been acting more rather dastardly as of late, a real Cassadine. Patrick returns with a startling announcement: Hayden is waking up!

Franco finally catches up with Nina at Silas’ apartment. He is stunned to find her standing over Silas’ seemingly lifeless body!

What do you think, GH fans? Was Luke’s departure dramatic or snooze-worthy? Is Silas dead—and if so, who killed him! List your tops suspects in the comments!

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