Matt Damon’s Fake Apology – Blames Ben Affleck for Explaining Diversity to a Black Producer

By on September 17, 2015

Matt Damon found one more way to piss people off. Take their anger over the topic of diversity and mock it.

Damon found himself in hot water when a video surfaced with Affleck trying to school an African-American producer on diversity during an episode of his reality show, Project Greenlight. Needless to say, the incident didn’t go over well and Damon found himself at the center of controversy. Damon has been great at keeping controversy at bay, something usually saved for his best friend, Ben Affleck, who lives in a world of controversy, especially since he and his wife, Jennifer Garner announced they are getting divorced after 10 years of marriage.

Damon took to Funny or Die to make fun of the incident and to not really apologize. In a letter written to the website, Damon said he didn’t realize people actually heard him, he thought the only person who can hear him is his best friend, Ben Affleck. He said,

“Let me mansplain! (Am I using that term correctly? I like it. It’s like explaining, but better.)
When Good Will Hunting made us famous, I was thrilled until I realized that Ben Affleck is bigger and hotter than me in every way. He was the fan favorite, everyone wanted his autograph, girls would only rub themselves on his body and never on mine. Suddenly interviewers only ever wanted to ask him questions, so I figured he spoke for us both now.” He continued by saying, “there were so many instances where interviewers would stare at me blankly as I mansplained the struggles of poverty, lack of access to education, what it’s like to have a vagina, all these things they knew nothing about. When they would look at me with bug eyes, I realized they couldn’t hear me at all! But Ben could hear me just fine so I talked to him all the time because he’s so cool. I love talking to him. He’s my best friend.”

Damon continued his pseudo apology by saying he always felt like an extension of Ben, like a baby bjorn strapped to the chest of stardom and is so man-xcited to realize he has fans. Damon closed the letter by saying we all need to forgive him for his lack of interest in diversity because he has an excuse.

Damon signed the letter Ben Affleck’s best friend.

What are your thoughts on taking the issue of diversity and making fun of those making a big deal out of the incident? Should he have given a true apology or would he have been better off just remaining silent on the subject rather than making a complete joke out of it. Something tells us this pseudo apology is not going to go over too well. Thoughts?


  1. Robert F Roy

    September 17, 2015 at 10:02 pm

    I have a thought. Why is diversity intrinsically good, who discovered that truth, and who proved it?

  2. Anna Bolic

    September 17, 2015 at 9:35 pm

    Well…to be honest, that sounded like he was taking the piss out of himself, not the people who were offended.

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