/Chloe Ferry And Sam Gowland Reveal Shocking Amount They Spent On Christmas Decorations

Chloe Ferry And Sam Gowland Reveal Shocking Amount They Spent On Christmas Decorations

Geordie Shore lovebirds Chloe Ferry and Sam Gowland are fully embracing the most wonderful time of the year – and we don’t blame them, seeing as it’s their very first Christmas in their new home and all.

But we must admit we were pretty shooketh when they revealed just have much money they dropped on turning their Newcastle pad into their very own Winter Wonderland.

Play the video to see how Chloe Ferry and Sam Gowland transformed their house this Christmas…

In the video, the pair are seen filling their car to the absolute brim with Christmas goodness, as Sam revealed exactly how much they spent.

Drum roll… One thousand pounds.


Yep, the pair dropped one thousand whole nuggets on festive decorations for their Newcastle pad in just one shopping trip.

But you can see that it was totally worth it, as Chloe filmed the finished result and it’s showed how the entire lower floor has been transformed into a cosy Christmas heaven, complete with two trees.

We’re particularly enjoying the different vibes they’ve gone for in the living room and kitchen, so whether you’re feeling like an ice queen or all warm and fluffy, there’s something for you.

And if they’re willing to drop that much on the decorations, we can only imagine how spoiled their friends, family, and of course, Ivy are going to be this year.


The pair both took to their Instagram grid to reveal how excited they are to be spending their first Christmas in the new pad, as Chloe wrote: “First time putting the Christmas tree up together @samgowland,” as Sam wrote: “Our first Christmas in our own home ❤️.” 

Now we just need them to invite us over to watch The Grinch and eat our body weight in Celebrations.

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