/Golden Bachelor Couple Announce Divorce 3 Months After Televised Wedding

Golden Bachelor Couple Announce Divorce 3 Months After Televised Wedding

It seems like the first “Golden Bachelor” couple just couldn’t wait a full year to celebrate their paper wedding anniversary — so they’re doing it early by exchanging divorce documents.

Three months after Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist got married on ABC’s live “Golden Wedding” special in January, the couple revealed Friday that they’re breaking up.

Turner and Nist made the announcement while talking with Juju Chang in a very cagey and confusing interview for “Good Morning America.”

Theresa Nist, left, and Gerry Turner appear on the finale of "The Golden Bachelor."
Theresa Nist, left, and Gerry Turner appear on the finale of “The Golden Bachelor.”

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“Theresa and I have had a number of heart-to-heart conversations … and we’ve come to the conclusion mutually that it’s probably time for us to dissolve our marriage,” Turner said.

The couple then clarified that this means they’re getting a divorce. They told Chang that they’d made a prenuptial agreement and that the rings they received for their engagement and wedding would be returned to ABC.

Although Turner and Nist didn’t specify a reason for their split, they did imply that living in different states — with Turner in Indiana and Nist in New Jersey — added strain to their marriage.

“We looked at homes in South Carolina, we considered New Jersey, and we just looked at home after home, but we never got to the point where we made that decision,” Nist said.

Turner added that he and Nist are each very “dedicated” to their own families in their respective states.

“So, we look at these situations and I think we just feel like it’s best for the happiness of each of us to live apart,” he said.

Nist and Turner get married on ABC’s "Golden Wedding" special in January.
Nist and Turner get married on ABC’s “Golden Wedding” special in January.

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The couple were also asked whether their split was related to the recent news that Turner had lied about his past on “The Golden Bachelor.”

“No,” Nist said. “Gerry had already discussed that with me … before the report was even released. So we were good with that.”

Turner had stated on the reality show — and in interviews — that he hadn’t dated a woman since his first wife died 45 years ago. But in a November story by The Hollywood Reporter, a woman identified as “Carolyn” said that she’d dated Turner for over two years, and that their relationship had started about a month after his wife died.

Despite Turner and Nist’s vague remarks during Friday’s interview, things got even more confusing when Chang noted that the couple were holding hands during their divorce announcement.

“Did you fall out of love?” Chang asked.

“I still love this person,” Turner said, gesturing to Nist. “There is no doubt in my mind. I am still in love with her. I root for her every day.”

The older couple also emphasized that although they’re divorcing, they still believe in finding love — regardless of age.

“We say, don’t give up,” Nist said. “Stay in it, stay hopeful, because we are.”

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